Brooklyn Cocktails: The Medieval Knievel

In a new series, we’ll be sharing how our favorite bartenders in Brooklyn mix up Jameson Black Barrel in a cocktail. Our go-to guys and gals behind the counter remade some classics (like the Irish Mule and the Mint Julep) and some original recipes (the Bitter Old Queen and the Bea Arthur). Now we’re ending our series with one last original cocktail recipe, the Medieval Knievel.

As Spencer Bewley from Passenger Bar reminds us, the Medieval Knievel is essentially a “cold toddy.” A splash of meade (which Bewley got from friends in Red Hook) make this cocktail a refreshing update on a winter classic. All in all, there’s plenty of Jameson Black Barrel to go around this summer in a handful of cocktail recipes.

Previously: the Bea Arthur
the Bitter Old Queen
the Mint Julep
the Irish Mule

Passenger Bar, 229 Roebling Street; Williamsburg


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