Brooklyn Cocktails: The Bitter Old Queen

In a new series, we’ll be sharing how our favorite bartenders in Brooklyn mix up Jameson Black Barrel in a cocktail. We’ve shown you how to remake your favorite summer cocktails with Jameson, the Irish Mule (a variation of the Moscow Mule) and the Mint Julep). Now, we’re taking Jameson on in a new cocktail that’s perfectly balanced between bitter and sweet.

Casey Lambert, bartender at Cubana Social, makes us an original recipe, called the Bitter Old Queen. In it: Jameson Black Barrel, Campari, simple syrup, lemon. That’s it! It’s a surprisingly smooth and balanced cocktail, thanks to the addition of the Campari and dash of sweetness.

Previously: the Mint Julep
the Irish Mule

Cubana Social, 70 N 6th Street, Williamsburg


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