04/15/14 4:09pm
Dior Is Bringing A Fashion Show To The Brooklyn Navy Yard

Image: Fotopedia

When Alexander Wang announced that he’d be holding his seen-and-be-seen Fall 2014 show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard this year, the fashion world was shocked. While hosting shows outside Lincoln Center wasn’t unheard of, hosting shows in Brooklyn certainly was. Accordingly, there was a lot of bellyaching involved.

Now, Racked is reporting that despite said bellyaching, Dior is following suit and will host their Cruise 2015 show in the same space on May 7.

We can hear Anna Wintour gagging already.


04/15/14 1:45pm
Watch Roberta's Garden Grow In New Time Lapse Video

Image: I Dream of Pizza

Today, we published our list of 100 Reasons Everyone Should Live In Brooklyn (At Least For A Little While) and one of our big reasons was the borough’s rooftop gardens, which have made us both the butt of many a joke and the home of the city’s green thumb.

The folks at Roberta’s have supported our claim, releasing a new time lapse video of their famous garden for everyone to enjoy on this not-so-sunny day.


04/15/14 12:45pm
Image from BAM

Image from BAM

Who doesn’t love radio? While other media have struggled to keep up with (and remain profitable amidst) seismic technological changes, radio (in the form of podcasts) has actually gotten better. The media theorist Marshall McLuhan said that the content of any new media is always the format of the medium that came before it—early films looked like theatre, early television took after film. The “golden age of television” is happening, in large part, because television creators realized their medium wasn’t beholden to the same narrative strictures as film. (more…)

04/15/14 11:48am


While we raise an eyebrow at that old saw about how it’s accepted New York etiquette to ask absolutely everyone you encounter what they pay in rent—sometimes that’s still super inappropriate!—we know for a fact that no matter who you’re talking to or how much of a lull you’re at in a conversation, you can always, always, always, bond with people over apartment (and roommate) horror stories. People are as greedy as they are unhinged, and there’s something particular about New York real estate that encourages humanity’s worst qualities to run rampant. No one comes out unscathed. You know, I thought my tussle with a roommate who illegally extended a lease in my name and tried to steal my security deposit was an all-time cautionary tale (we haven’t spoken in three years), until a friend was slashed in the face by an intruder after his landlord refused to put basic locks on his ground-floor apartment in Bushwick. It’s real bad out there.

04/15/14 11:46am


We’re not opposed to doing a straightforward comparison of Brooklyn neighborhoods, coming right out and declaring which one is the BEST. But, you know, we’ve done that before. Like, more than once. So instead of doing it again, we decided to forgo comparing a group of totally disparate things in order to (somewhat) arbitrarily claim that one is unequivocally better than the others, and instead celebrate the differences inherent within all these neighborhoods. And we decided to do it using pseudo-high school yearbook superlatives. No, we didn’t declare Red Hook to have the Best Hair or Crown Heights to be Most Likely to Succeed (although we could easily make a case for both of those classifications), but we did try and distill the qualities most unique to each neighborhood in order to explore what it is exactly that makes these places so special. (more…)

04/15/14 11:45am


To buy or to rent? It’s a question almost all adults ask themselves sooner or later. But that one question begets many others, which often lack straightforward answers themselves. Pretty soon, what started as a simple yes-or-no query looks like a confusing fractal chart of concerns and considerations, leading to no clear answer. Which is frustrating, because the decision to purchase a home is one of the most important a person will make. Some certainty would be nice. (more…)