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(Photo: Radio Bushwick)

(Photo: Radio Bushwick)

According to Brooklyn Vegan, Radio Bushwick has closed their doors without official statement or explanation. The Wyckoff Avenue venue known for its decent happy hour and less than decent shows, opened back in May after several fits and starts. After a steady year of activity, Radio Bushwick had a long list of shows lined up for CMJ.

We took a peek at the building’s DOB records and found four violations from the past year that might have something to do with the venue’s closure.


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5 beers

I’ve spoken before about my feelings regarding expensive beer: in short, as a person who doesn’t spend a whole lot of time at bars, where it’s not uncommon to spend $7-8 on a perfectly average beer, I’m totally cool with it. But I also realize that, for some people, there’s just no wrapping your head around spending $20 or more on a bottle of what amounts to one or, at best, two servings of beer. And really, as much as I enjoy leading the charge to get people interested in the fanciest of fancy beers, I also realize that there’s just as much pleasure to be taken in finding the best bargains on store shelves. So here we’ll look at five very, very good, readily available beers that can be enjoyed without cashing in on the 401k you probably don’t have anyway.


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Despite not being quite finished, several apartments in the development called “Lefferts Place Mews” hit the market late last week. Encompassing 76, 80, 84, and 88 Lefferts Place, the development will eventually comprise 31 condo units. A 724-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bath apartment was listed for $625,000; at just over $863 per square foot, the unit tops the neighborhood average of $771 per square foot by about 12 percent, according to sales data from Trulia. (more…)

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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.39.15 PM

Gigantic is a literary magazine of “short prose and art” that specializes in “life: continuous, contiguous, and traceable” and the “unlovely: we will work hard to ensure you do not see the following words or phrases, or words or phrases like them: glimmer, shimmer, swaths, bleating, said flatly, beads of sweat, strange, tussle, clouded, glares, beamed, throbbed, grasped, lapis lazuli, gem, flew out of her hand.”  More than that, it is one of the best—if not the best—places to find the kind of fiction that has had difficulty finding a home elsewhere, which maybe makes it sound a bit like its a place for the rejected, but that’s far from the case. Rather, Gigantic excels at finding the previously unknown works by legends (the latest issue features  work by Franz Kafka), as well as work by newer, not as well known authors. Plus, it just so happens to be one of the most smartly designed, beautiful lit mags out there. All of which made us want to speak with editors James Yeh and Lincoln Michel about the release of the latest issue—Gigantic Ha-Ha—and what it is that makes their magazine so lovely, or, rather, unlovely. (more…)

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(Photo: Brooklyn Public Library)

(Photo: Brooklyn Public Library)

Monday evening the Brooklyn Public Library hosted the first event in an ongoing series on gentrification which includes panel discussions and a project to collect bits of oral history from residents. The several weeks long series is delicately titled, “Brooklyn Transitions.”

Now that gentrification has been overused to the point of becoming a catch-all term to describe a variety of insidious phenomena including the involuntary displacement of longtime residents, it’s evolved into something of dirty word. So, yeah this event could have been interpreted as”uncomfortable” for that reason. But also, it was just super hot in that tiny, packed room. (more…)

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As much crime as may happen in public in New York City—muggings, store robberies, cases of mistaken Über driver—it’s important to remember that crime can happen anywhere, even in your own home, even and especially when you bring three strangers back from a bar in a drunken stupor and break down your own door before falling asleep. (more…)

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10/21/14 1:17pm
Swearin' playing Glasslands at this year's Northside Festival.

Swearin’ playing Glasslands at this year’s Northside Festival.

Happy Tuesday? Is it though? Don’t mind us, we’re just over here pouting about the news of another Brooklyn venue closing. This time, we’re saying Goodbye to Glasslands. The venue, which opened in 2006, posted the announcement to their website this morning, thanking “the staff, artists, and party people that have been a part of Glasslands for the past 8 years [who] made the venue a special creative home for music…” and saying “goodbye for now, but not forever.” The last part, about not being forever, is encouraging, especially after losing so many amazing places in the last year including 285 Kent and Death by Audio.


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A crew of would-be robbers with access to power tools has been attempting to break into New York City banks using drills to bore their way in. The band seems to be both very good and very bad at their heists. They haven’t actually managed to rob a single bank, but they’ve also been sneaky enough with their excursions not to get caught, leaving NYPD semi-bewildered.