07/02/15 12:45pm
The Harvest Dome before it sank. Photo: Anthony Fine/Flickr Creative Commons

The Harvest Dome before it sank. Photo: Anthony Fine/Flickr Creative Commons

Even though a highly protected human once braved the fetid waters of the Gowanus Canal and survived, it seems this art installation was not so lucky: On Wednesday, a floating orb that bobbed along the canal’s grimy surface for 18 months sank, as it was reportedly ensnared by something beneath. Maybe the art installation was snatched up by a gilled, radioactive slime monster?  (more…)

07/02/15 12:42pm


When it comes to summertime daytrip destinations, I’ve always held Coney Island in the highest esteem–the rides are tall and rickety, the hot dogs are hot and steamy and the freaks are always the freakiest. But while the boardwalk is a veritable institution among us New Yorkers, it’s long been viewed as a craft beer dead zone. Frozen Pina Coladas? Sure thing. Sweaty bottles of MacroLite? No problem. But, I’ve heard, you’ll have to look long and hard to dig up a lone can of craft.

This summer, my mission was clear–hop on the Q, hit the beach and sniff out the best in local-ish beer Coney has to offer. Come on, I figured, it’s 2015! You can buy craft beer in any bodega, any corner market! There are more microbreweries in New York City than there have been in decades! Even Coney Island, one of the few remaining vestiges of old school New York, isn’t immune to the rising tide of better beer domination. (more…)

07/02/15 12:33pm
Photos by Jane Bruce

Photos by Jane Bruce

Last night, amid the usual smattering of dog walkers and runners in Fort Greene Park, a band of activists led by anarchist group Disarm the NYPD gathered in front of the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument, a Revolutionary War memorial. In the wake of the massacre that killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17th, they were there to burn Confederate and American flags in protest of racism, arguing that both flags symbolize white supremacy.

Though hundreds of activists were expected to show up at the park with flags to burn, having been called to “BYOF” (Bring Your Own Flag), the actual turnout was a measly 20 or so demonstrators. They were far outnumbered by a frenzied group of patriotic counter-protesters proudly waving American flags, including one woman who sat at the foot of the war monument singing “God Bless America” over and over. Ultimately, what was slated to be an anarchic red-white-and-blue bonfire turned into its opposite–a rally of U.S. army veterans and supporters loudly declaring their love for their country (“America is free! She’s a female and she’s a reporter! This country is free!” yelled one man in an American flag-printed shirt, pointing at me.)



07/02/15 12:14pm
Photos by Francis Jimenez.

Photos by Francis Jimenez.

Echoing out of the Highline Ballroom, the timeless groove of funk and soul mixed with the Hudson River air as vocalist Charles Bradley* and his eight-piece band brought the house down on a West Side assembly of artists, labels, and tastemakers last week. Inside the colorfully lit venue, many of independent music’s most important individuals had gathered for the 4th annual American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) Libera Awards. (more…)

07/02/15 11:00am
Have some fun this weekend. It's the American way.

Have some fun this weekend. It’s the American way.

Forgive us, but we’re pretty excited about this Fourth of July weekend. First: The fireworks are back over the East River for a second consecutive year after a five-year hiatus, which is hopefully a sign of permanency. Second: It’s a long weekend, and those are never a bad thing. Third: The weather is actually supposed to be nice and summer-y, for maybe the first time so far this summer! And finally: Did we mention it’s a long weekend? Because it is.

And so while watching the fireworks is a time-honored tradition we hold dear, they’re but a small portion to what the weekend has to offer. With everything from festivals to live music happening around town over the next few days, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. Plus, all that celebration is a great kickoff for the massive hangover that will undoubtedly follow your Independence Day celebrations. While Hangover Independence Day might not be an official holiday, that splitting headache that appears like clockwork the next day really says otherwise. But with a little planning, and lots of the activities we outline below, you’ll barely notice how bad your head hurts. Promise! (more…)

07/02/15 10:30am
Photo: David Karnuach Instagram

Photo: David Karnuach Instagram

Look, we get it: The Brooklyn Bridge is a great place for selfies. And for crazy stunts, like the whole white flag thing from last year, which perplexed the NYPD and the public at large. (In case you forgot, it was the work of Germans seeking to honor Jasper Johns and have some fun. Anyway.) Just yesterday, though, nearly a year after the flag debacle, yet another out-of-towner climbed the historic landmark to, well, take a selfie.  (more…)

07/02/15 10:00am


Last weekend, hundreds of people waited in a two-and-a-half hour line down a Gowanus block to get into the latest Morbid Anatomy Museum Flea Market. They were desperate to stock up on things like insect shadowboxes, mourning rings, “hair art,” taxidermy, cat skulls, and human teeth. How did they survive without all this stuff just a year ago?

Since opening in Gowanus last July, the Morbid Anatomy Museum has evolved into one of Brooklyn’s weirdest and most exciting cultural institutions. Cultish museum-goers crowd exhibits like The Art of Mourning and Christmas parties celebrating Krampus (who is, for the uninitiated, the horned anti-Santa beast of German folklore). Tickets for lectures like “Psychedelics and Death: A Brief Introduction” sold out in minutes, as if they were tickets to pop concerts, not to watch academics talk about obscure drug research. And the museum’s first anniversary party, the all-day Festival of Arcane Knowledge and ensuing Devil’s Masquerade, on Saturday, July 18th, is also selling out fast.

Founder and Creative Director Joanna Ebenstein suggests that Morbid Anatomy’s popularity stems from something much deeper than mere trendy appeal (although Chloe Sevigny did host their 2015 Gala). “I think there’s a moment going on right now where people are really interested in death,” Ebenstein says. “It’s the greatest mystery of human existence. Why do we live in a culture in which it seems inappropriate to talk about, unless it’s in horror movies or something?”  (more…)