12/18/14 11:18am

Paul Gollash, Founder and CEO of Voxy, a personalized English learning site, answered a few questions about his business background and why his office was ranked one of the top places to work in New York.

December’s Northside Innovation Meetup’s theme was New Markets, Overseas Expansion and few startups in New York are growing as fast abroad as Voxy. Gollash spoke in a 1-on-1 with Brian Frumberg, founder of VentureOutNY, about his career before founding Voxy, raising money to rapidly scale and how good it feels to be running a mission-driven business.

Each month Northside Innovation, the tech and innovation conference that occurs during the annual Northside Festival, gathers top founders and thought leaders for a discussion–over BBQ and Brooklyn Brewery Beer–of topics relevant to the community. For more on Northside Innovation, click here.

12/18/14 8:20am


Old Uncle Mayor de Blasio has made animal rights a part of his platform since his campaign promises (now made good) to introduce legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City. A group of City Council members, perhaps relying on this position to help push through their proposal, has voted in favor of a law that would ban pet stores in the five boroughs from selling pet rabbits. Why? Well rabbits, though adorable and cartoonish, are pretty good at producing more rabbits, which is contributing to the overcrowding of city shelters. The number of unwanted rabbits hosted by Animal Care and Control actually doubled in the past year.


12/17/14 3:58pm


At the start of Hanukkah last night, I didn’t light a menorah. I lit a cigarette and texted Jeremy Cowan, owner of Shmaltz Brewing Company, instead, to chat about the brewery’s annual He’brew Holiday Gift Pack. This year’s eight-beer, schtick-heavy bundle is the fifth and final installment.

We also chatted about Shmaltz’s group of events in New York City (and across the country) during Hanukkah, including tonight at Taproom No. 307 and a pair of Chanukah vs. Christmas throwdowns at Spuyten Duyvil (Sunday, against Iron Hill and Sly Fox) and Freddy’s Bar (next Tuesday, versus Smuttynose). Each, in addition to Gift Pack beers, will feature vintage goodies.


12/17/14 2:42pm
Russel Simmons marches with the Justice League (via Twitter @NYJusticeLeague)

Russel Simmons marches with the Justice League (via Twitter @NYJusticeLeague)

This Friday, Mayor Bill de Blasio will meet with organizers from Justice League NYC, one of the groups that’s been spearheading the Eric Garner protests. The group has led demonstrations across the city—including outside of Gracie Mansion—since early December, when a Staten Island jury decided not to indict a police officer for killing the unarmed black man after placing him in a chokehold. (more…)

12/17/14 2:26pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 2.25.01 PM

We all know Japan is an enthusiastic, card-carrying member of the international “I  <3 Brooklyn” fan club, but it’s not like their affection is entirely unrequited. We’ve eagerly adopted bits and pieces of Japanese cuisine and culture in New York, like ramen, pocky, sake, karate, anime and Hello Kitty. And taking our shared obsession with adorable, frolicking felines to the next level, another Japanese phenomenon recently pussyfooted its way across the ocean and onto American soil. We’re talking about cat cafes, which allow laptop-tapping, coffee-sipping patrons to exist side by side with a roomful of pert-eared, flickity-tailed furballs. (more…)

12/17/14 2:11pm
(via Dolce Vite LLC)

(via Dolce Vite LLC)

The Park Slope hot chocolate proprietress formerly known as Christina Summers, owner of Italian sipping chocolate company Dolce Vite Chocalatto, has decided to make the separation between person and brand even thinner by officially changing her name to “Princess Chocolatto.” The soon-to-be-ruler of Chocolatto, who usually dresses in head-to-toe orange and a flower crown, is super, super into hot chocolate, in case you weren’t clear on that point. She started a petition in May advocating that bad hot chocolate should be categorized as a “crime against humanity.”


12/17/14 1:22pm


Living in Brooklyn, one is often reminded that life is sometimes cruel and unusual—a joke that maybe you’re the butt of, a theatre of the absurd in which you’re an unwitting player. If your spiraling rent doesn’t make you question what it’s all for, the “Brooklyn Girls” video will. 2014 is the year that The Brooklyn Condition™ became terminal, when things that we thought were real turned out to be hoaxes, and aspects of life that seemed truly preposterous were, unfortunately, all too real. So, with melancholic resignation, let’s relive the dumbest of the dumb, shall we?


12/17/14 12:52pm
Goodbye to all that. And by "that" we mean 2014. Also, stories about leaving New York City. Good riddance.

Goodbye to all that. And by “that” we mean 2014. Also, stories about leaving New York City. Good riddance.

It seems like it’s been an eternity since I was last compiling a list of the most popular posts for 2013 on old bkmag dot com. Alas it has not been an eternity, it has only—obviously—been a year. But what a year it was! Full of pregnant tarantulas and white flags flying over Brooklyn and catcalling videos and BuzzFeed lists about the joys of living in New York and ohsomanythings that we wrote about and that you, dear readers, consumed. But what were the most popular things we wrote about this year? What stories piqued your interest more than any others? And did they all just have the word “hipster” in the headline? No! Not at all. If there’s anything that became crystal clear this year, it’s that “hipsters” are totally 2013. Read on to see what it was that everybody was reading in 2014. You might be surprised. (more…)