02/27/15 3:47pm

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If you’ve ever heard a friend sigh into their beer about the lack of dating options in New York City, you should probably have a link to this map saved on your phone. According to data scientist Jonathan Soma, there are, yes really, many single folks out there in Brooklyn. But they tend to cluster in neighborhoods. In a fascinating new map posted on Visualizing NYC, Soma organizes the singletons of New York by age, zip code, and concentration. And ladies, if you’re looking for a dude in New York, you might want to check out Bay Ridge and South Slope. Fellas? Head on up to Greenpoint.


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Not all is tasty and fresh in the land of Roberta’s, Bushwick’s beloved pizza palace. Two of Roberta’s owners, Brandon Hoy and chef Carlo Mirarchi, decided to split from their third partner, Chris Parachini, over disagreements over expansions of their operations. And it isn’t a clean break: The three are now engaged in a nasty multi-million dollar lawsuit.


02/27/15 11:57am
The Apple Turnover from Clover Club

The Apple Turnover from Clover Club

What with the recent implosion of Pacifico’s Fine Foods, AND Nine Chains (noooooo!) and a number of yet-to-be-confirmed but essentially inevitable shutters rapidly coming down the pipeline (keep your eyes peeled for further details), we’ve becoming increasingly convinced that by the year 2020, Brooklyn’s dining landscape will be entirely dominated by celeb chef-fronted, luxury hotel-based behemoths, and perhaps 10 new projects from the Major Food Group. But the announcement of two imminent openings have lightened our spirits somewhat, allowing us to hold onto at least a faint glimmer of hope for the future. And the fact that they’re fronted by a handful of the restaurant industry’s fiercest females certainly doesn’t hurt.  (more…)

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hot sauce

There’s an olive oil tasting room and a dedicated artisanal mayonnaise shop in Brooklyn, so why not a storefront dedicated to another, less uppity condiment? We’re not talking about ketchup, though that might not be far behind: Greenpoint hot sauce aficionado Noah Chaimberg is raising funds to open a Heatonist Hot Sauce Tasting Room in Brooklyn, complete with a hot sauce sommelier.


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February is finally ending. Seriously. We made it through, and there are only two days left of this wretched month. Today is the 69th day of winter. Not 569th, like it feels. But it wasn’t your imagination that the last 27 days have been some of the most freezing in recent memory. Unless there is a sudden 70 degree day tomorrow (and we would not be sad if that’s the case, to be honest), this February will go on record as the coldest one in New York City since 1934. As in the middle of the Great Depression.


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Feeling a little burned out by the stress of your day-to-day life? We get it. It’s tough to balance a job, regular gym visits, happy hours with your crew, and that cake decorating class you promised yourself you’d take this year…not to mention finding the perfect rooftop view to post on Instagram (you know, the one that will make all your friends who don’t live in Brooklyn insanely jealous). (more…)

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Remember Boobs of Bushwick? It’s the Tumblr that, as it sounds like, celebrates the residents of the neighborhood in all their topless glory, both men and women. (Our own Rebecca Jennings wrote it up last year as “surprisingly endearing”: “ It’s refreshing to see such joyful displays of nudity…too many of the boobs we see online and on TV exist for pure titillation.”) If you’re intrigued and want to make an appearance on that NSFW Tumblr, now’s your chance: blog founder Kate Chiplinksky is throwing a party at The Rookery on Tuesday with a photobooth and professional photographers in attendance to snap you shirtless, should you desire.