01/29/15 10:48am
Nachos from No. 7 North photos by Jane Bruce

Nachos from No. 7 North
photos by Jane Bruce

Not keen on hosting a Super Bowl shindig in your shitty walk-up studio apartment? From pizza shooter-serving restaurants wreathed in smoke and crosshatched by laser lights to unprecedented collaborations between big-deal breweries and eccentric sandwich spots, we’ve got a few sweet alternatives to spending this Sunday cooped up in a sweaty sports bar.  (more…)

01/29/15 10:30am
Photo by Jane Bruce

Photo by Jane Bruce

When renovations first began on the Loew’s Kings Theatre in Flatbush in 2013, the place was a mess. The theatre, built in 1928 but vacant for almost forty years, had been repeatedly looted. When it rained, water would leak through the ceiling to pool among the once-plush theatre seats. All but one of the original chandelier fixtures (pictured above) were missing. But after a $94 million restoration, in which every detail of the once-opulent theatre has been returned to its former glory thanks to locally-sourced materials and project architects EverGreene Architectural Arts and Martinez + Johnson Architecture. The process was a meticulous one: EverGreene analyzed old photographs, even looking at pictures under microscopes in order to get the correct shades of paint.


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Tuesday’s relatively paltry snow offering might not seem quite so slight when you consider the cost of the actual clean-up. Despite the widely cited official figure that it costs the city, what with snowplows and salt and traffic concerns, roughly $1 million every time an inch of snow falls on our fair city, a new study reveals that this estimate isn’t quite generous enough. In fact, the figure is closer to $2 million per inch, or $1.8 million to be exact. That means that the “Blizzard of 2015″ cost taxpayers close to $18 million.


01/28/15 3:48pm
(via the DUMBO Arts Festival website)

(via the DUMBO Arts Festival website)

The annual DUMBO Arts Festival, a weekend-long celebration on the Brooklyn waterfront that grew into a borough institution over the last 18 years, has officially ended its run. The problem was not, for once, rising rents or angry landlords or messy lawsuits. Instead, the festival was a victim of its own success. Last year’s event drew 220,000 people, and was sponsored by the likes of AT&T and Tito’s Vodka. The organizers felt that the scale of things had gotten too grand and corporate, and were detracting from their goal of supporting the local art community. So they’ve shut the thing down.


01/28/15 3:12pm

Yonah Schimmel via Wiki Commons

Have you ever had a knish? Like a good knish? Not one of those better-eat-elementary-school-art-class-paste-than-try-to-digest-this knishes that you get at a hot dog cart, but a flaky yet pillowy knish, in which each bite is featherlight, and yet the whole thing inevitably stays in your gut like a brick—a delicious, potato-y brick? Oh, you have? Then it was probably from Yonah Schimmel. And you should probably get another one while you still can.  (more…)

01/28/15 3:06pm
Via Humans of New York's Instagram.

Via Humans of New York’s Instagram.

A little more than a week ago, Humans of New York creator Brandon Stanton posted the above photo to Instagram of a young boy named Vidal, a sixth-grader at Mott Hall Bridges Academy, in Brownsville. When asked who has influenced him the most, Vidal named his school’s principal, Nadia Lopez. ”When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us,” he said. “She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter.”

From their conversation, Stanton learned about some of the problems Brownsville youth face, and about the heroic efforts extended by Mott Hall to prevent its students from falling into the same grim cycles of poverty and violence. Following their meeting, Stanton met with Principal Lopez, and together they developed an idea: start an Indiegogo campaign that would fund an annual trip to Harvard for Mott Hall’s sixth-grade students. Which, what? As Stanton writes on the campaign’s page, “Sometimes a visit to Harvard is more than just a visit to Harvard,” particularly for students from low-income neighborhoods like Brownsville, where higher education is not a reasonable priority. The idea here being: show kids they belong at a place like Harvard, and maybe their horizons will expand.


01/28/15 2:41pm


No. No. Just no, meteorologists. I do not want to hear about this “possible impending snowstorm,” OK? I don’t care about “potential for heavy precipitation,  some being snow, some being rain, some being a combination thereof.” I do not want to talk about two storms maybe-might joining forces to shower ice down upon the five boroughs. We just got burned by the blizzard that wasn’t, and now you want us to take another chance with this forecast? Buddy. This is drunk-dialing-an-ex-the-day-after-you-dumped-them level shit. Move on. At least wait until we’ve had time to eat our blizzard provision Doritos.