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It might be time to emphasize that giving part of Thanksgiving: New York City’s food pantries and soup kitchens are short on supplies this year, thanks to Congress’s decision to drastically reduce food stamp benefits. Those cuts took about $18 a month from New Yorkers’ food stamps, meaning that there are a whole lot of missing meals. (Good old Congress!) A new report from the Food Bank for New York City found that eighty percent of pantries have seen more demand over the past year, and, in September, sixty percent ran out of at least one kind of food. In more than a third of these kitchens, volunteers were forced to turn the hungry away.


11/24/14 3:47pm

It’s the time of year for sweaters and hot toddies, definitely, but it’s also a perfect time to reflect and be thankful for your health. Enter Movember, a movement among men and women alike who are aiming to bring awareness to men’s health issues including prostate cancer and mental illness.

Our friends at Jameson Black Barrel have partnered with bartenders and bar owners including Will Myrik of Tandem, Justin McManus of Peter McManus, Steve Yorsz of Rochelle’s and more for a stellar kickoff event in support of Movember and committed to a month of not shaving. Check out the video above to see how you can support each bar’s Movember team with funds that will ultimately go to institutes or research organizations fighting to find cures. Or create your own team and join this mustache movement that stems beyond a “handle bar.”


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OK, listen. I know it’s a short week, and your mind might be elsewhere. But honestly, weather, what is up with you? It’s 70 degrees today after near-arctic temperatures last week. And now, on Wednesday, just in time for millions of people to be cramming into trains and buses and seething quietly against the dull-faced TSA workers at LaGuardia as they attempt to make their flight in time, the weather is serving up a terrible-travel special. That’s right, kids: A Nor’easter is barreling towards the East Coast just in time to make trying to get anywhere Wednesday into an unbelievable nightmare. Great, great great great. (more…)

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Fred Armisen is many things: Fearless comedian, punk musician, Carrie Brownstein bestie. And apparently he is a fiercely accurate observer of New York city’s many accents, from the slightly-insistent Rockaway twang to the extra-tough-sounding Bronx growl. He showed them all off during a Doctors Without Borders charity event last weekend, and it was pretty killer, taking request from the crowd to demonstrate the various patois of New York City neighborhoods.


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Cooklyn Mac and Cheese
All photos by Michael Tulipan

Another hot opening alert for restaurant-blessed Vanderbilt Avenue—a Michael White protégé is now serving Mediterranean-influenced, New American fare at the borough-worshiping Cooklyn.

Granted, chef Anthony Theocaropoulos’ resume actually skews very, very Manhattan, including stints at Eataly’s La Pizza & La Pasta, as well as White’s Italian and French Rivera-inspired Ai Fiori (consulting pastry chef Brian Sullivan also hails from Ai Fiori, Osteria Morini, and Corton). But Theocaropoulos is totally gung-ho about his new neighborhood, Prospect Heights, and fully committed to celebrating as many local purveyors and artisans as possible, with a cheese plate sourced from Stinky Bklyn (served on slabs from Brooklyn Slate Company, naturally), along with bread from Brooklyn Bread Company, coffee from Toby’s Estate, vino from Red Hook Winery, and KelSo, Brooklyn Brewery, and Other Half beers on draft.  (more…)

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Remember when the city announced that old pay phone booths are going to be converted into wifi kiosks? That was back in 2012, but earlier this month, that proclamation went from being just a hazy idea (like the 2nd Avenue subway line) to an actionable plan when officials announced that communications consortium CityBridge would begin the process of converting 10,000 former pay phone stations into kiosks that would provide free domestic phone service as well as WiFi touted to be a hundred times faster than a municipal network. Well, faster for some people. Because, as it turns out, the “five-borough Wifi network” would operate up to ten times slower in poorer neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.


11/21/14 4:35pm


If “where the sauna party at?” is something you say frequently (or ever) then, first, stop that, and second, we have the answer: Clinton Hill. All-night raging sauna parties featuring DJs, drinking, loud music, and, presumably, a whole lot of dudes in towels and flip-flops are the new scourge of the neighborhood. Oh and the name of the parties? “When in Robe.”Just when you thought you were safe from bros, a whole new genre of bro emerges.