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Somebody Threw A Molotov Cocktail Into A Brooklyn Bodega Last Night

Image: NY Post

New York City is a city of extremes, isn’t it? We have extreme rents, extreme weather and, of course, extreme people.

Last night, that was proven once again when a disgruntled customer left a Brooklyn bodega, returning shortly thereafter to launch a Molotov cocktail through the door and setting the attending clerk on fire.


04/24/14 11:58am

Brooklyn author and Parenting Confessional creator Julia Fierro.

Parents on social media are perhaps the easiest targets of all the Internet—most are just old enough to have grown up without the same computer savviness and inherent online etiquette as Millennials, so most of the time, it doesn’t hurt to give ‘em the benefit of the doubt. But anyone who’s ever been Facebook friends with a parent probably recalls an instance of poop-related over-sharing, an experience in which you’ve had the urge to explain that “Facebook” does not equal “diary that requires a lock and a safe.” For instance, “My two-year-old ate a few handfuls of Vaseline and I didn’t call the Poison Control hotline,” one of the anonymous secrets posted on Brooklyn author Julia Fierro’s new Tumblr project, Parenting Confessional.


04/24/14 11:49am

Beyonce on the cover of TIME

Time magazine released its “100 Most Influential People” issue today and the cover features none other than the indisputably influential Beyoncé. Profiled by Sheryl Sandberg (Lean In), Beyoncé is recognized as being the boss that she is—someone who “doesn’t just sit at the table. She builds a better one.” In the brief profile, Sandberg cites Beyoncé’s feminist convictions, noting Bey’s mantra “that girls ‘run the world’ and [her declaration that], ‘I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.’” It’s a succinct summation of the woman who “shattered music industry rules—and sales records” with her surprise release of her visual album late last year, and who constantly pushes the boundaries of what is expected of an artist. And yet, of course, people find something to complain about.


04/24/14 11:47am

It’s happened again. Last week, I argued that carriage horses had no place on the streets of New York City, using a photograph of a fallen horse from a few years ago. Proponents of the carriage horse trade argued such old photographs had to be trotted out because the animals’ safety isn’t really an issue: accidents happen so rarely, and animal rights advocates (or “extremists”) blow them out of proportion. But yesterday, a carriage horse was spooked by a bus, tried to run, and wound up fallen over when its carriage brought it down. The miserable photo, posted by Gothamist, included an even more miserable (albeit unconfirmed) story:  (more…)

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Mayor Rob Ford And BK President Eric Adams Make Lamest Bet On NBA Playoffs

Image: NY Post

In case you missed it: Our Brooklyn Nets are currently in the NBA playoffs despite the fact that the team’s average age is 32.4 years of age. Apparently, our defense is “next level.”

Whatever the case, this team has defied all odds and are facing off against the Toronto Raptors with the score currently standing at 1-1. But none of this is as remotely interesting as the fact that (1) Drake was caught lintrolling himself at one of the games and (2) Mayor Rob “I Was Caught Smoking Crack” Ford and Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams have made the lamest bet on the outcome of the seven-game series.


04/24/14 10:20am

Some people are born with the cooking gene, but most aren’t, which is where a good cookbook comes in. They’re great sources of inspiration, aspiration and common sense knowledge. No one understands that more than the folks featured in this year’s Food Book Fair, most of whom are newly minted cookbook authors, experienced chefs or both. We caught up with nine now-experts and asked them to share the cookbooks that influenced their style when they were just starting out and continue to play a role in they way they approach food (and drink) today.

Bonus: They also revealed their favorite restaurants in Brooklyn!

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04/23/14 4:25pm

#MyNYPD c/o @kimanifilm

Yesterday, the New York Police Department used its Twitter account to ask users to tweet photos of themselves with members of the NYPD along with the hashtag #myNYPD in an attempt to… what? Show how media savvy the NYPD is? Get in on all the fun kids are having with hashtags these days? It’s sort of hard to say what the original impetus was (although there was the promise that some photos would be posted on the NYPD’s Facebook, so!), but it’s much easier to say what the result was: chaos. Fun!