07/29/14 3:01pm
Show to See: Roses, Future Punx at Death by Audio

Everything’s coming up Roses. Geddit?!

It’s high season for live music in NYC, with all those outdoor shows being crammed into whatever time we have left before the earth turns gray and barren and we’re forced to live in solitary confinement because it’s TOO DAMN COLD TO LEAVE OUR TINY, TINY APARTMENTS. That’s why you really should see Conor Oberst at Central Park SummerStage tonight and Wiz Khalifa at Jones Beach on Thursday. Get out there and be a socially adapted human while you still can. But there’s more. More shows to see this week. And many of them are at the end of the sunshiny outdoor spectrum in terms of venues and fanfare.


07/29/14 3:01pm
Tonight: First Annual Beer Film Festival

Image: Beer Wrangler

This is arguably the best time to be a beer lover in New York City (and especially in Brooklyn). There have never been more great, locally-made beers to try or a better community of beer lovers eager to discuss them all. So, it’s only fitting that we now have a craft beer film festival where we can do both.


07/29/14 2:56pm

Earlier this month, we shared a list of ten restaurants and bars we can’t wait to open their doors and at the top of our list was Berg’n, the forthcoming beer hall and food court from the folks behind Smorgasburg, whose opening had been delayed by three months. Well, no longer: Berg’n officially opens its doors at the end of August.


07/29/14 2:38pm

Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut
All photos by Austin McAllister and Aubrey Smith

It used to be, if you planned to spend the day at one of the city’s beaches, you’d be wise to pack a sandwich. But now, the dining options available at many of New York’s seaside destinations are just as appealing as the sun, sand, and surf, so here’s where to eat on or near the boardwalk at Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and more. (Including, yes, the Rockaways.) (more…)

07/29/14 2:17pm
Photos by Austin McAllister

Photos by Austin McAllister

Maison Premiere is the kind of place that automatically makes you feel comfortable. The dollar oyster happy hour is known to be one of the best deals in town, but what people aren’t telling you is that the drinks are top notch. Poured with a smile by one of the nattily dressed bartenders, sipping on a cocktail at the horseshoe-shaped bar feels like you’re sitting somewhere far, far away from Brooklyn. Grab a seat in the backyard, which feels like attending someone’s Pinterest wedding, but in the best possible way, and strike up a conversation. This bar’s reputation may precede itself, but we’re happy to say that it lives up to the hype. We sat down with head bartender William Ellis to talk about mint juleps, America’s food adolescence and the need for drinks that force you to take your time. Check it out, below.


07/29/14 2:01pm

Brooklyn Brew Shop x Evil Twin Bikini Beer Kit

Is the G-train shutdown keeping you away from Greenpoint? Are you already undergoing withdrawal symptoms, at the very thought of abstaining from Tørst’s Evil Twin line for five excruciating weeks? Well, Brooklyn Brew Shop couldn’t have picked a better time to release their newest DIY product, an exclusive collaboration with Tørst’s very own gypsy brewer, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø.  (more…)

07/29/14 1:50pm
Much Like Everything In Life, Those Weird Murals On Williamsburg and Bushwick Buildings Are A Marketing Ploy

Kombucha?! On the L train?! TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

We were shocked upon realizing that there is not, in fact, a handbook on how to create a viral marketing campaign set in Brooklyn, but if there were, Colossal Media’s three mega murals on various buildings in Williamsburg and Bushwick would be the shining example. You see, it’s quite easy: Step one: Use a years-old Internet meme that everyone is sick of. Step two: Sprinkle in the word “L train” or “kombucha” or maybe even both. Step three: Become awash in hipster dollars.


07/29/14 1:14pm

Credit: Quinn Norton on Flickr

Because subway commutes are also occasions to consider advertising stratagems in great detail, I have spent a good part of every morning on the A train deconstructing one poster in particular: “The Hipster Move,” an ad for Flatrate Moving proclaims on a faux checklist.  Steps include “separate Proust, Nietzche, and Freud collections,” “fold skinny jeans/ironic t-shirts/flannel,” and “resolve daddy issues.”