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No need to bring Ohio into this. (photo via OSU)

Now there’s a bar that caters to the type of person who never misses an opportunity to bring up how superior whatever bucolic hick parade/sprawling suburgatory/lesser metropolis they came from is to New York City! Kilo Bravo, a Williamsburg bar with a menu of 50 cocktails to represent each state, has just unintentionally created a watering hole for all the worst people in Brooklyn.


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All photos by Daniel Dorsa

Prospect Heights is essentially a microcosm of what you’d want in a neighborhood when it comes to food and drink. 606 R&D for eclectic, New American dining. Washington Commons for leisurely, back patio beer drinking. Mitchell’s for soul food. Ample Hills for ice cream. Chuko for ramen. And what about a dessert speakeasy? Thanks to the soon-to-open Spirited, it’s currently the only Brooklyn community to have that too.  (more…)

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photo via Yelp

photo via Yelp

In our second installment of getting you out of three block radius in which you spend most of your time, welcome to the sun-dappled and family-friendly world of Windsor Terrace. “What is this quaintly-monikered neighborhood?” you wonder to yourself. “Why have I never heard of it, and is this something that real estate people made up to sell shoddy high-rises that are actually in Flatbush?”  The answer to all of your quandaries is simple — Windsor Terrace is a really nice, relatively expensive but otherwise pleasant neighborhood sandwiched between Park Slope and Kensington. It is Nancy Meyers-movie Brooklyn, brownstone Brooklyn, the Brooklyn of Amy Sohn’s high-brow trashy novel Prospect Park West. It’s the Brooklyn that makes people who never considered Brooklyn start saving their pennies in the hopes of settling down into a nice garden-level floor-through with crown molding. It’s Prospect Park-adjacent Brooklyn, green and pretty in the spring and summer, romantic in winter, purposeful in the fall. Here’s a few suggestions for a couple of places to hang if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood.


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Weed World Candies is an organization that is far less subtle than you would expect dudes purporting to hawk a largely illegal substance to be. They’re a company that rolls up to large outdoor events or just outside Union Square on pleasant nights in a tank covered in extreme close-ups of marijuana plants, boasting candies named after strains of the wacky tobacky. “O.G. Kush!” the side of the van exclaims. “Purple Haze! Lemon Drop! As seen in High Times. ” You kind of want to nudge them and tell them to tone it down. At the West Indian Day Parade this weekend, one such oversized vehicle, plastered in photos of weed, parked happily between the roti vendors and the many, many police officers stationed on the Parkway. So how on earth do these dudes get away with selling pot in broad daylight?


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Wakie app

Do you ever wake up and feel lonely? Bored by your boring old alarm? Positively ennui’d by the utter nihilism of the snooze button? Do you ever wish you could awake to the voice of a total stranger, somewhere in the world, asking you questions or telling you a story—all before you’ve had so much as a drop of coffee? If you answered “Yes” to even one of those questions, there’s an app for that! Wakie, the weirdest app since Miranda July’s Somebody, connects “sleepies” (sleeping people) to “wakies” (strangers who like waking people up) for humanity fun community love Internet. Right? Morning strangers! (more…)

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The word “underdog” is of course relative here, as selling out four shows this week (three of which take place at the sizable Bowery Ballroom) suggests the opposite, but the reunited Texas-birthed emo outfit Mineral are dark horses by definition, coming to represent a population of underdog music fans that in the band’s mid-90s heyday hadn’t yet exploded into a mainstream marketing demographic. On Thursday, they play their first New York show in 17 years at Saint Vitus — more proof of talent buyer David Castillo widening the venue’s booking past its metal-and-goth comfort zone — as part of the band’s 20th anniversary tour, fortuitously synched with emo’s unexpected reemergence in the press.


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Over the weekend, nude photos of many actresses and entertainers—including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Ariana Grande, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead—were published on the website 4Chan and rapidly disseminated around the Internet. This isn’t, of course, the first time this type of photo hack has happened, and it will hardly be the last. In the last few years, celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively have dealt with similar situations, in which personal photos taken for the express purpose of sharing with intimate acquaintances were stolen and released to the world at large. And as is always the case with these leaks, the photos are of women (sometimes men feature in the images as well, but they’re always secondary; it’s the women that are the targets), and it is the women themselves who are blamed for their own exposure, and for their own violation. (more…)