10/24/14 3:35pm
(Poster by Andrew Hurst)

(Poster by Andrew Hurst)

Exchange Rates, Bushwick’s first international art expo of sorts, is already in full swing as of Thursday. But don’t worry if you’ve slept on it, there are tons of events happening through Sunday.

The weekend-long event in which galleries and studios all over Bushwick—including some you may have never heard of—brings a slew of international artists to Brooklyn to collaborate with locals and one another. You can wander through about a dozen art spaces to check out the resulting efforts and other work by participating artists—but that’s only a slice of what’s happening. (more…)

10/24/14 1:57pm

nyc subway transit

It seems logical to think since more people are paying to ride the subway, the MTA must be making more money. Right? Well, kinda. Despite a peak in subway use—the MTA recorded four record-high ridership days last month—transit authority faces a $15 billion budget gap for next year, which it may need to fill by borrowing cash if state lawmakers don’t approve its proposed capital funding campaign. If the MTA borrows money to finance itself, the result could be a 15 percent hike in per-ride fares—11 percent more than the planned 4 percent hike. WiFi is kind of exciting, we know, because who wants to miss out on work emails on their way home from work? But if it means spending even more money that we already do, it might be time to winterize your bike. (more…)

10/24/14 11:58am
Pumpernickel Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bagel from La Bagel Delight

Pumpernickel Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bagel, from La Bagel Delight

Some seasonal fall treats you can get anywhere in this place we call America. Candy Corn and Candy Pumpkins ship out annually to the nation’s pharmacies, and come mid-September, at any strip mall in this great land you can take your pick from Jamba Juice’s Pumpkin Smash, Dunkin’ Donuts’ pumpkin donut, pumpkin pie donut, pumpkin muffin, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin mocha lattè, and pumpkin crème brulée coffee-adjacent liquid, to say nothing of the grandmother of seasonal pumpkin drinks, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattè. Some things, though, you can only get in Brooklyn. So here, dutifully assembled with a sweet tooth and an iron stomach, are six seasonal pumpkin treats from across the borough. (more…)

10/24/14 10:55am

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 10.00.46 AM

We were pleased to be asked to serve on the planning committee for Brooklyn Bounty this past Wednesday; the annual tasting event/fundraiser to benefit the 150-year-old Brooklyn Historical Society. Which, far from being the solemn shrine to musty borough archives that you might expect, frequently hosts inspired, all-ages (i.e., non-septuagenarian set) programming, paired with plenty of beer from their friends at Brooklyn Brewery.

And while we admittedly had a hand in recruiting many of the restaurants that took part in this years “Kings County Agricultural Fair” –themed festivities, when it came down to it, the dishes clearly spoke for themselves. So here are some of our favorites from Brooklyn Bounty 2014! (more…)

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I’m not sure I can think of a filmmaker who has executed as thorough a turnaround as Gregg Araki. Some of this must be my personal taste; plenty liked his first bunch of movies, including The Living End, Totally Fucked Up, and The Doom Generation; I hated the smug nihilism of Totally Fucked Up so much that I avoided his movies for years. But then he made the terrific, measured drama Mysterious Skin, followed it up with the rollicking Anna Faris tour de force Smiley Face, and continues to oscillate between those modes. As he gets older—dude turns 55 at the end of the year—his movies are by turns wiser and also brighter, cuter. White Bird in a Blizzard, his new movie, is his most restrained since Skin, and a marked departure from the sweet-natured silliness of Kaboom.


10/23/14 9:59pm
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Craig Spencer
photo via Facebook

The first case of Ebola in New York City has been confirmed this evening, as Dr. Craig Spencer tested positive for the disease that is currently ravaging several countries in West Africa. The New York Times reports  that Spencer, who had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, began feeling ill Wednesday night and was checked into Bellevue Hospital Thursday morning with a fever of 103 and nausea. Spencer lives in Harlem, but is reported to have spent last night in Williamsburg at The Gutter. He is thought to have taken the subway (the lines are unknown at this time, but presumably include the L and—based on Spencer’s home address—the 1/2/3 or A/C*) to Williamsburg and a taxi home.  (more…)

10/23/14 4:34pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 4.21.20 PM

The New York Post is reporting that a Manhattan doctor who’d been working with ebola patients in West Africa has been rushed to Bellevue after showing signs of the virus, and so, ”the Big Apple may have its first case of ebola.” Of course, this isn’t the first time the Post has reported that New York might have its first case of ebola, but no matter—this time they want you to know that it might be for real. (more…)