10/23/14 1:02pm
(Photo: NYPDNews)

(Photo: NYPDNews)

Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city’s District Attorney, and Police Commissioner Bratton held a press conference this morning to introduce a new pilot program for the NYPD. The initiative to have tablets with super crime fighting capabilities in the hands of NYPD officers will be “as fully implemented as possible by next year,” the Mayor said of the new technology that will enable “21st century policing.” (more…)

10/23/14 10:14am


Video seems no match for NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s “bad apples” this year, as yet another incident of police brutality gets caught on camera. In the course of a scuffle to arrest an alleged farebeater at the Stillwell Avenue subway station in Coney Island, an undercover NYPD officer kicked a uniformed officer in the head, believing it was the suspect. But the real question is: Why was the officer looking to kick someone in the head in the first place? (more…)

10/23/14 10:12am


On Saturday, October 25th our pals at Bedford + Bowery will bring a bit of North Brooklyn to the Lower East Side. From 11 am to 6 pm the B+B Bazaar takes over Hester Street Fair and yes, Brooklyn Brewery will be providing totally-free-of-cost beer, which means you will literally be pouring money out of your pockets by not attending. (more…)

10/22/14 4:38pm
(Photo: The Mayor's Office)

(Photo: The Mayor’s Office)

The Daily Beast published an article today that generates doubt as to whether Sally Goldenberg, a City Hall correspondent for Capital New York, could be trusted by her readership in light of her relationship with Phillip Walzak, Mayor de Blasio’s Press Secretary. Undue criticism of or speculation into the private lives of professional women in the spotlight is unfortunately commonplace, and in the case of Sally Goldenberg, a woman in control of the spotlight, this has happened before. But it seems like Daily Beast writer Lloyd Grove is particularly hellbent on making the reporter’s relationship with Phillip Walzak “a thing.”  (more…)

10/22/14 4:16pm


Ready for some really no good, very bad, pretty terrible and ultimately expensive news? The MTA, which is already planning to raise fares four percent this March, is looking to fill a $15 billion budget gap. Should they decide to borrow money to fill that hole? Well, your commute to work just got a whole lot more expensive.


10/22/14 3:35pm

608 franklin ODA architects

Crown Heights’s lowly skyline continues its rise, getting glassier and glassier along the way. 608 Franklin Avenue (a.k.a. 1036-1042 Dean Street, down the block from the much-hyped Berg’n) will become the ever-fancier address of a big glassy boxy thing for rich people to keep their stuff in. But fear not: At least 608 Franklin won’t have a Starbucks! But who’s really to blame for all this pricey, pricey new construction? (more…)

10/22/14 2:50pm


In Judy Chicurel’s debut story collection, If I Knew You Were Going To Be This Beautiful I Never Would Have Let You Go, New York City is in the deep doldrums of the 1970s. Families flee the city to a quaint Long Island town of Elephant Beach, loosely modeled on Chicurel’s own native Long Beach, only to find formerly elegant hotels in the throws of rot and decay. The kids find drugs and politics and sex anyway. The connected stories focus on a group of just-graduated high school girls trying to navigate the future in their working class town. Katie, the central character, watches as her friends’ dreams end in unexpected places: elopement, a clandestine abortion clinic, or a funeral home. Chicurel, a former journalist, has a knack for dialogue that’s evocative and funny, exchanges that will bring you back to your own heady teenage days.  She spoke with Brooklyn Magazine about her new collection, her writing habits, and the looming specter of gentrification.