Brooklyn Cocktails: The Bea Arthur

In a new series, we’ll be sharing how our favorite bartenders in Brooklyn mix up Jameson Black Barrel in a cocktail. After remaking some of summer’s most classic cocktails (the Mint Julep and the Irish Mule), we’re putting a twist on Jameson Black Barrel in the Bea Arthur cocktail.

Josh Pero, one of our go-to bartenders at Macri Park, uses the staples of any cocktail in the Bea Arthur–honey, lemon–with a surprise ingredient. The Angostura bitters and lavender bitters add an element of surprise to the cocktail, making it aromatic and just a touch more complex. (In other words, your drink-making game just got a major boost.) Try the original recipe from Pero this Memorial Day and wow your imbibing friends.

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the Irish Mule
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Macri Park, 462 Union Avenue; Williamsburg


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