Man Arrested for Repeatedly Climbing 200-Foot Antenna Tower in Windsor Terrace

Photo: Atomic Taco/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo: Atomic Taco/Flickr Creative Commons

While Brooklyn can be an ideal playground for renegade selfies and deep sewer crawls, the case of 27 year-old Leonid Etkin and a 200-foot antenna tower by Bishop Ford High School in Windsor Terrace might be the dumbest (and most bizarre) urban stunt performed in recent memory. Etkin, who had headed to the spot routinely over the last year to climb the tower, even made a video journal of his thrill-seeking escapades, so when authorities arrested him yesterday afternoon, they had ample evidence to throw him in a police cruiser. 

Etkin’s Youtube channel is full of videos that document his witching-hour climbs. One video he posted on July 4th of this year is titled “Musings from atop an antenna tower,” and catalogs his thoughts as he looks over a darkened landscape, like he’s Batman or something.

He usually climbs in the middle of the night, but the New York Post reports that Etkin was spotted climbing the tower yesterday at around 2:45pm, in broad daylight. An eye-witness called 911 to report his solitary and highly visible antics.

Etkin’s arrest is a positive for local residents who would prefer not to have a stranger dangling 200-feet above their apartments as they go about their day. It also shows that if you do something remarkably stupid, you’re likely to get caught and arrested.

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