Three Sewer-Pirates Went Down a Manhole in Pursuit of “Treasure,” Came Up Empty-Handed

Photo: Rob Zand/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo: Rob Zand/Flickr Creative Commons

Three men descended into an East Flatbush manhole on Thursday night in pursuit of sweet, alluring “treasure,” but only one group member was detained by the NYPD for their activities. The New York Daily News reports that police and firefighters were led down into the sweltering depths of the sewer system to search for two accomplices after the initial man’s detainment, although they could not be located.

Perhaps the remaining two suspects found El Dorado, the lost city of gold?

The man detained by the NYPD claimed he was an off-duty Department of Environmental Protection trainee, and that he and his two buddies just wanted to “look for buried treasure and stuff… anything that’s interesting,” according to the News.

That led city authorities to comb the sewer around Ave. H and E. 35th St., which was reportedly a blistering-hot hell-hole. “I dropped down and when I hit bottom, it was about 120 degrees down there, I crawled and crawled, but nothing,” one cop told the News.

So, in effect, three sewer-pirates made city authorities crawl through human excrement, all because they were searching for “treasure.” In the end, nobody came away with any shiny objects. Just poop-smeared clothes and a really foul stench in their noses.

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