Tourist Arrested for Brooklyn Bridge Selfie

Photo: David Karnuach Instagram
Photo: David Karnuach Instagram

Remember that cavalier tourist who climbed the Brooklyn Bridge in July to snap a selfie? Well, apparently he’s been arrested back home in Tennessee on a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment. David Karnauch might be the first man forced to flee the long arm of the law because of a selfie, and he’s currently being held without bond in a Chattanooga jail, awaiting a trial date of August 31st, reports the New York Post

As we’ve noted before, Karnauch is a serial selfie-taker, and his Instagram account, which has since been taken offline, used to be riddled with daring shots of himself hanging from scaffolding and construction equipment.

A 21-year-old engineering student at the University of Tennessee, Karnauch told different media outlets that getting up onto the bridge’s metal beams was quite easy. In an interview with CBS, he noted: “There was nobody there to stop me from climbing onto the bridge.” He also told WNBC-TV in Chattanooga that “you could just get on a beam and it actually had handrails on the left and right side, and I just walked across the bridge and turned around to take a picture.”

There you have it: Anyone with the right mindset can be an urban explorer, and selfie at-will. Even for all his nonchalance, Karnauch still did something that NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller called “irresponsible and illegal,” and will therefore be made to wait in jail far, far away from his selfie stick, until the end of the month.

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