So Many People Are Riding The L Train That The MTA Is Adding More Of Them

So Many People Are Riding The L Train That The MTA Is Adding More Of Them
Some good news!

L train ridership continues to soar (it increased by 5.3% from 2012 to 2013), and—pleasant surprise—the MTA actually appears to be doing something about it. This fall, get ready to stand (slightly less) longer on a (slightly less) crowded platform, when 56 more round trips get added to the L train.

According to DNAinfo, among the other service updates are:

– 33 more round trips on Saturday from 9am to 8pm

– 23 more round trips on Sunday from 8am to 9pm

– three more round trips on weekday evenings

– one additional round trip on weekday evening M train service

In a statement Wednesday, NYC Transit President Carmen Bianco said, “Among the changes is a significant increase in L weekend service, which will decrease wait times for customers as well as increase capacity on a line that continues to see ridership growth, most notably during off-peak hours.”

Looks like this fall is shaping up to be a major subway-improvement season, what with the R train’s glorious return to Manhattan-Brooklyn service by way of the restored Montague Street Tunnel, and by September (we hope), all that G train restoration will be finished. Who knows, maybe the F train follows suit sometimes soon? Anybody? Hello?

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