Kings Pharmacy Leaving Williamsburg For Red Hook

Kings Pharmacy Leaving Williamsburg For Red Hook
Image: Pharmacy Owners

The unbridled Times Square-ification of Williamsburg continues: Today, we’ve learned that Kings Pharmacy on Bedford Avenue and N. 3rd Street is officially closing up shop.

A tipster alerted Gothamist to the news, saying that a store clerk recently told her that the landlord would be renovating the space and (presumably) seeking a more loaded tenant to take over. Meanwhile, the 12-year-old Kings Pharmacy will decamp for the distant shores of Red Hook.

This is all very sad news, but at the very least we should congratulate Kings for sticking it out at their soon-to-be former location even after Duane Reade, the Starbucks of pharmacies, moved in right across the street four years ago. They fought the good fight.

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