Giant Space Hotel Opening Down The Street From The Wythe Hotel

Giant Space Hotel Opening Down The Street From The Wythe Hotel
Image via Brownstoner

It seems like one of the reasons Williamsburg took to the Wythe Hotel so quickly is that it doesn’t really look like your run-of-the mill hotel. It blends in perfectly with the other refurbished warehouses in that corner of the neighborhood and has a pretty good relationship with the local community.

However, that might not be the case when a new spaceship-like hotel called The Level opens down the street at 55 Wythe Avenue near N. 12th Street.

According to Brownstoner, building permits for the hotel were approved in early April. The 183-room luxury hotel will rise from a narrow base featuring retail and office spaces with 18- to 23-foot high ceilings. In all, the building and its many attachments will take up 320,000 square feet. So, the thing will basically be a steel-and-glass monstrosity.

Accordingly, they’re already trying to butter us up. The hotel’s roof will feature a public 20,000 square foot rooftop farm as large as the greenhouse farm at Whole Foods Gowanus that we so recently praised.

Rumor is that the massive complex should be finished by the end of the year, but the experts at Brownstoner really doubt they’ll make that deadline and we do, too. This is the New York City real estate game we’re talking about after all.

Here’s a full picture of the hotel:

Image via Brownstoner

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