As a shopper these days, I’m very picky. My priorities when it comes to purchasing clothing has matured as I have since I was 17 for a number of reasons. At 17, I got my first job working at one of the biggest, most popular, and frankly ethically problematic clothing companies out there. I saw the in’s and out’s of an ugly operation and looking back, I’m disgusted with myself for having participated in it. 

Nowadays, I personally prioritize clothing made by companies that:

  1. Are ethically sound
  2. Provide a livable wage to their workers
  3. Actively try to be charitable
  4. Create good quality products
  5. Are environmentally conscious
  6. Aggressively try to minimize their impact on the environment
  7. Are local

Palabra happens to align with all of these. They’re Brooklyn based and make eco-friendly clothing. They utilize ethically sourced and sustainable materials, including organic cotton,
hemp, bamboo, and recycled PET (bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate) which allows them to lessen the amount of water used in the production process. This helps to reduce their impact on the planet. 

They ensure that every person involved is paid a sustainable and living wage and is in a safe working environment. They participate in literacy programs and are currently co-sponsoring a library in Honduras with their literacy partner, Chispa Project.

With all of those priorities and Palabra in mind, I never have buyer’s remorse and actually feel good about shopping.


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