15 La Croix Flavors That Should Actually Exist, Ranked



So you all know that we have bashed La Croix before. You tore us to shreds. But, we get knocked down, then we get up again. To redeem ourselves, we are going to admit that there actually are some flavors that we like. The only problem is, they don’t actually exist!

Our favorite funny website of the moment, My Lacroix has created an extensive list of flavors that SHOULD exist outside of their own imaginations. Bonus: there are also GIFs of what each can would look like. Also, this site is not affiliated with the REAL La Croix. It seemed we had no choice but to select some of the best from the site and rank 15 from the selection. 

15. Cum
14. Menstrual Blood
13. Tumblr
12. Rose Gold
11. Bong Water
10. Flaming Hot Cheetos
9. Sex & Ice Cream
8. Publicist Tears
7. Male Tears
6. Bacon
5. Xanax & Box Wine
4. Uber
3. Blood of my Enemies
2. Stranger Things
1. Harambe

Check them all out here. Oh, and the best part? YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN! Do it here and show us what you’ve got!



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