la croix

Love it or hate it, there’s little doubt that La Croix fever has taken the country by storm. And now, that fever is taking other forms apart from the fizzy, seltzer-esque beverage itself.

Photos surfaced last week of various La Croix-themed desserts at the newly-opened Williamsburg Whole Foods.

These include a full-sized cake:

And what’s a cake without it’s very own individual-can cupcakes?

So, to repeat: you can now have a La Croix cake. What is happening? Is it even good? We’d hope that, in the last case, and in line with the gold doughnut artisans, who infused their work of art with Cristal Champagne jelly, that this La Croix cake comes with La Croix-infused frosting. Preferably, as we’re already far beyond the absurd and overly-specialized territory, of the pamplemousse variety. That’d be great. Thanks.


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