You remember the $100 Golden Doughnut, right? Of course you do! Or if you don’t, you can refresh your memory by reading the reactions we had after trying it at the beginning of this year. That pastry, officially called the Golden Cristal Ube Donut, was created by Chef Björn DelaCruz, of Manila Social Club, and he’s back at it again (no white Vans in sight, so far at least).

This time, his creation comes to us in honor of Cinco de Mayo–and you’d better order quickly if you want one, as they are custom made to order and only available this week. DelaCruz wanted to up the ante after his gold experiment and landed on the only thing tha could possibly show gold up: Platinum. It’s unsurprising that DelaCruz was already a fan of Gran Patrón Platinum Patron, and after trying their Margarita of The Year cocktail–a spicy margarita called the Rosa Picante–he decided to concoct a donut that worked in a similar palate.

So, dubbed the Patrón Platinum Donut and/or sharing the name Rosa Picante with its cocktail namesake, this pastry is: A rose petal donut filled with cream and a spicy ginger-jalapeno margarita jelly, covered in a sweet tequila frosting, and then finally topped off with sheets of edible silver and platinum. Damn. All that can be yours for a whopping $150. But wait, before you go decrying Brooklyn luxury and capitalism and classism, take note that all proceeds for the donut are going towards the American Cancer Society. Now that’s classy. Get into the philanthropic deliciousness by ordering one right here.


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