Williamsburg Is Now Home to a $100 Doughnut that’s Covered in Gold

You may eat your gold now. (Via Manila Social Club Instagram)
You may eat your gold now. (Via Manila Social Club Instagram)

Hi, you live in New York. You are not immune to the finer things in life, things like gold. But sometimes you enjoy more basic pleasures, too, like doughnuts. Because, damn, are they ever good.

But what if there were a place in which high could meet low, where gold could meet doughnut? Well, guess what? There is, and it’s called Willamsburg, which is now home to the world’s first golden-flaked, champagne-imbued doughnut.

This sparkly treat, literally coated in riches, was created by Björn DelaCruz, head chef of the new Williamsburg Filipino joint, Manila Social Club. Why did DelaCruz invent a yam-mousse and champagne (Cristal, no less) jelly-filled doughnut wrapped in 24k gold? For novelty? Show? Lord, no. Rather, DelaCruz concocted this fried starlet because the combination of gold and Cristal tastes outstanding, apparently. According to an interview with DelaCruz:

Yeah, you know, it’s very difficult to talk about this doughnut without thinking, “Oh, they just did it because it’s gold and expensive.” I cook with [those ingredients] because I think they taste good. If I wanted it to be just an expensive thing, I would use the Ace of Spades. For what I wanted to do, Cristal was the perfect match. To me, I think this tastes really amazing. It’s not just about the shock value, it’s a combination of it all.

And, hey, if you’re gonna make a delicious doughnut that drips in wealth, you wanna know you’re eating a doughnut, right? As in, you want it to look exactly like a goddamn golden doughnut, not just a hunk of shiny gold. So DelaCruz made sure to keep things nice and simple in this one respect, unlike another luxury doughnut he knows.

 “The only one that comes to mind is this doughnut by Krispy Kreme. It was covered with white chocolate and flowers. It didn’t even look like a doughnut. This, you look at it and think, “THAT is a golden doughnut.”

Precisely. There is no fun in eating gold if it just looks like a big shiny blob. New Yorker’s don’t just want to eat gold, they want it to be nice and shapely, too. Is this too much to ask? No, not here, no way. And because we’re used to paying too much for everything, we’ll put down whatever it takes for the pleasure of it. How much for one dozen of them? One thousand dollars? No problem. Hello golden doughnuts, finally, you are mine.

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  1. I was excited at first, I thought that this was a $100 gold-covered everything bagel, but $100 for a donut seems crazy.


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