When Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade dropped a couple weeks ago, I jokingly tweeted that Beyoncé’s take on a country song, “Daddy Lessons,” was better than anything off Sturgill Simpson’s new album. Now, that is neither true nor even a worthy or apt comparison–they’re very different and great in different ways! I was just pandering; I knew a subset of the internet would be up in arms at the idea of a female pop star being compared to their beloved, authentic country troubadour. They were. Yay internet.

And yet, this song really does have an incredible country backbone, one so compelling that it prompted one of the greatest country girl groups of all time to tackle it. The Dixie Chicks may not have put out a new album in a minute (Please, surprise drop one. Please), but they have been touring up a storm. And at their show in England on Saturday night they performed a rendition of “Daddy Lessons” that is both faithful to the original and embellished by their fabulous harmonies. I can picture Bey and Blue Ivy happily dancing along to this. Listen below.


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