Tomorrow marks the grand opening of Coney Island, allowing us all to participate in the grand Brooklyn tradition of getting whiplash and/or vomiting on the Cyclone or trying to figure out just how safe a 90-year-old ferris wheel can actually be. But there’s more to Coney Island rides than just the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone. Here then are all the rides at Coney Island, ranked.

16) The Tickler (ranking based on name alone)
15) Stationary Car on the Wonder Wheel
14) Electro Spin
13) Brooklyn Flyer
12) Steeplechase
11) Zenobia
10) Soarin’ Eagle
9) Thunderbolt
8) Polar Bear Swim
7) Getting a Bloody Nose on the Cyclone (counts as its own thrill, for sure)
6) Boardwalk Flight Ride (miss u)
5) Parachute Jump (we can only assume)
4) Finding a quarter to use the pay-toilets
3) Cyclone
2) Swinging Cars on the Wonder Wheel
1) Slingshot

Coney Island Rides


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