Manhattan’s Excellent Westville Is Coming to Brooklyn

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Every once in a while, you bump into a restaurant that feels just right. By which I mean: the food is delicious but not overwrought; fresh (farm-to-table, what-up!); and vegetable-heavy, while paired with the most reasonable amount of meat; its seasoning is also straightforward—no need to hide great food behind too much sauce or heat—and cooked at the prefect temperature. Then the space itself, so handsome! But it also doesn’t feel like it’s trying hard to get there. It’s a place that knows who it is, and what it does well, and it feels wonderful to be inside of it.

So, Brooklyn, get excited because this perfect chain with four locations in Manhattan is headed straight for DUMBO. Yes, Westville Brooklyn is set to arrive on Washington Street at York Street later this year, according to Brooklyn Paper.

While it is not the first Brooklyn-based venture for Westville owners—a Westville co-owner is also behind Concord Hill in Williamsburg—it is the first Westville-proper outpost in Brooklyn.

According to Brooklyn Paper, all of DUMBO is about to get more delicious: in the remodeled Jehovah’s Witness buildings there will be a sushi bar, Domodomo, another Manhattan restaurant, Randolph, and an up-scale sandwich place called Untamed. Plus, Vinegar Hill’s standout star, Vinegar Hill House, will open a second location in the totally refurbished Empire Store Warehouse (and will be joined by a pizzeria from London).

Yes, in the very near future, DUMBO—which is beautiful but can also feel like a limited and quite expensive novelty—is about to abound with more food; and with the addition of unassuming, and consistent-local-favorite Westville, it might also feel a tiny bit more like a real, lived-in neighborhood.


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