The Perfect Pour: Intelligentsia Coffee’s Doug Zell On Their Craftsmanship

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Taste Talks in partnership with Mount Gay hosted four events across the country featuring creative makers and craftsmen who are forging a new path in the spirit of the old ways.

What is better than a perfect cup of coffee? For a lot of people, the answer is well — nothing, actually.

And Doug Zell, founder Intelligentsia coffee, understands this. After launching Intelligentsia twenty years ago in Chicago, the company has expanded nationwide to bring their custom roasted beans to cups everywhere.

“[Intelligentsia is] shepherding this pristine ingredient from putting it into the ground, all the way to our customers’ cup,” Zell explained.

“It’s this idea of constantly chasing perfection, with the hope that we never catch it.”

Zell, along with Brooklyn makers from the clothing brand, The Hill-side, are craftsmen who embody the spirit of the old ways, and we are proud to highlight their work in partnership with Mount Gay Rum.

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