A Breaking Bad-Inspired Café, Walter’s, Will Open in Williamsburg

Via Walter's Instagram.
Via Walter’s Instagram.

Two things people have addictive relationships to are coffee and Breaking Bad. That is, when you’ve started mainlining streaming Breaking Bad, you can’t really stop. And coffee—well, same thing. So when Deniz Kosan opened a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop in Istanbul last year, that seemed like a logical move. Things that are addictive love the company of other things that are addictive. Or something.

Istanbul is not near Brooklyn, however, so we got pretty excited today when we heard Kosan plans to bring a second Walter’s to Williamsburg.

Walter’s Brooklyn is set to open this summer in a 2,100-square-foot space on Wythe Avenue near North Eighth Street, according to Grub Street. Beyond the aforementioned logic behind pairing caffeine and this particular TV show (as well as the fact that there is one Breaking Bad scene where Walter and Gail talk about the exquisite chemistry of perfect coffee), there’s one even better reason to open the kind of café Kosan plans to bring to Brooklyn. “Good comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and power outlets: A coffee shop with all three is really rare to find, like it’s a unicorn,” Kosan told Grub Street. And, “[N]o one in 2016 is working in offices anymore. We want people to feel comfortable sitting and working as long as they want.” 

And on that point, Kosan, we really hear you. There are in fact some, though still very few, that fall under that general category. The ones that exist are still very much unicorns.

Grub street reports that Walter’s Williamsburg is just the beginning of his much bigger plans for expansion: Not only does Kosan envision multiple Walter’s locations throughout New York City, but also expanding to more East Coast cities, Chicago, and further west, first and foremost to Albuquerque. (Grub Street notes a Dubai Walter’s will precede the planned Brooklyn location as well.)

Another thing that is fitting here: Kosan seems to have dreams—delusions?—of coffee grandeur, just like Walt had delusions of meth grandeur. So we hope for Kosan’s sake that his story has a more successful outcome.


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