Stuck in New York?: Here Are 15 Things To Do This Weekend


So you’re stuck in the city for Thanksgiving. And depending on how you look at it, that can be a good thing. We like to think that those of you fortunate enough to stay in the comfort of your home during this holiday should be proud of that decision, whether it was intended or not. After all, this means you don’t have to travel! And, yes, Thanksgiving is a family-oriented holiday that is best celebrated with loved ones but screw that. Screw them. Isn’t every holiday technically a family-oriented holiday? What’s the big deal with eating a turkey? You guys do know that the original feast also included venison, aka Bambi’s mom? And please don’t get us started on the Pilgrims, though Wednesday Addams does a brilliant job in summing up our feelings. But hey, if you want to enjoy the turducken surrounded by family members who will nag you about your love life while simultaneously argue about what’s wrong with America today, go right ahead. We’re not going to stop you.

In fact, we’re going give thanks to all the wonderful things about staying in the city, like not having to suffer through Thanksgiving traffic or the wait time at airport checkpoint due to the inevitable increase in security, but most importantly, we’d like to give thanks to these 15 Thanksgiving weekend events that made the season a little more bearable.

Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Beyond being the focal point of the holiday feast, turkey is often used as an insult. With multiple meanings depending on the subject–call a person a turkey, you’re saying they’re stupid, and if a film is referred as being a turkey, you’re saying it’s a flop or major failure at the box office–there’s no real reason why America’s second most sacred bird (the bald eagle being the first) is used as an insult. But whatever the origins may be, BAMcinématek is honoring the box office bombs and films maudits that flopped during their release but have grown, ever so slightly, to be considered hidden gems that were misunderstood or the victims of circumstances and bad productions teams. So flops like David Lynch’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune and Twentieth Century-Fox’s Cleopatra are on the roster for this All-American Turkey Feast.
11/20-29 at Peter Jay Sharp Building on 30 Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene

ReSolute Thanksgiving Eve
Party collective ReSolute brings hippie dance duo Pachanga Boys, the Kompakt-affiliated duo of Superpitcher and Rebolledo, for five US tour stops in November. The third stop and heart of their US tour: Brooklyn. It’s fitting that their Brooklyn show lands on Thanksgiving Eve because it gives Brooklynites the opportunity to build up an appetite for the hearty feast as they dance to a combo of disco, dance and house the night (and morning) before.
11/25 at Baby’s All Right on 146 Broadway, Williamsburg

New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers
No other activity creates more pain and pleasure in spectators than sports, and while hockey might not be America’s favorite pastime, its fans are among the most passionate, which makes going to a hockey game extra fun. And now, Brooklyn has its very own hockey team, the New York Islanders, who you can cheer on as they play against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Barclays Center.
11/25 at Barclays Center on
620 Atlantic Ave., Boerum Hill

Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot
Shame and regret are two emotions that are synonymous with Thanksgiving, and not because of the troubling history that the original feast caused, but because of the over-consumption that is inevitable in celebrating the holiday. I mean, is there any way to only eat one reasonably portioned plate of food that day? No. No, there is not. So take the guilt out of gorging this season by running, walking and even dancing at this year’s turkey trot. Presented by JackRabbit Sports, this 5-miler is the perfect way to kick off the gluttonous holiday eating season.
11/26 at Prospect Park

Thanksgiving at the Owl Farm
Drinking and eating go hand-in-hand, that’s why Owl Farm will be featuring a even dedicated to vintage beer and cider, and harvest beer and cider after your Thanksgiving meal. They will also be offering a very rare keg of 1998 E for the special occasion.
11/26 at The Owl Farm Bar on 297 9th Street, Park Slope

Thanksgiving in New York Harbor
Cruising down the East River might of not been your intention for staying in the city for Thanksgiving, but since you are, might as well take in the beauty that is the Statue of Liberty as you enjoy your second slice of pumpkin pie.
11/26 at India St. Pier on 10 India Street, Greenpoint

The Shining All-Day
How do you celebrate your decision to stay in the city away from your family this Thanksgiving? By watching the destruction of a family on the big screen. Videology Bar & Cinema will be showing Stanley Kubrick’s interpretation of Stephen King’s family-drama horror novel on a constant loop all-day. There won’t be turkey or pumpkin pie, but there will be hot mulled cider and a bartender from Portland, Oregon. We can’t say that you won’t miss your family after watching the movie the second time, but there will be a greater appreciation that you’re father isn’t Jack Torrance aka Jack Nicholson.
11/26 at Videology on 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Post0Thanksgiving Family Bowl
OK, so Brooklyn Bowl is always available for bowling but this time is different. This time they attached “Thanksgiving” in front of the reoccurring event’s title so you know that your post-turkey guzzling activity is going to be special.
11/27 at Brooklyn Bowl on 61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Brooklyn Commune Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary
Brooklyn Commune commemorates their 5th anniversary by showing a big  “thank you” to their neighbors by feeding and bringing festive activities to Windsor Terrace. They will be handing out giveaways like jars of Brooklyn Commune’s popular tomato jam and Midnight Chef’s dark chocolate brownies with black walnuts and black currants, along with samples from other local vendors. There will also be live music by guitarist Chris Conly from the Chris Conly Music Studio.
11/27 at Brooklyn Commune on 601 Greenwood Avenue, Windsor Terrace

Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar
Brooklyn Makers presents a weekend filled with 40 of the best local shops in Brooklyn under one roof. The two-day event will give attendees the opportunity to do all their holiday shopping in one sweep, while also supporting Brooklyn businesses. There will be food from local favorites, free cocktails, a live DJ, and a craft workshops for the little ones.
11/28-29 at 501 Union Street, Gowanus

Fruit Salad
If you were a piece of fruit what would you be? No, this isn’t a pickup line that ends in us saying that you would be fine-apple. Seriously, think about your strengths and the characteristics, and then think of the fruit that embodies those qualities. You got it? Good! Now dress up as that fruit, head down to the Good Room, and “shake yourselves into one big smoothie together” as soulful house and techno legends Kenny Larkin and Jamie Odell bring a night of dancing.
11/28-29 at Good Room on 98 Meserole Avenue, Greenpoint

The Rub
The Rub is a monthly party where Brooklynites with good taste in music come together, get wasted and dance until the wee hours of the morning
11/28 at The Bell House on 149 7th Street, Gowanus

Small Business Saturday
Can we all agree that Black Friday is a bit overrated and kind of obnoxious? I mean, technically it’s not even celebrated on Friday since all the big deals are offered late Thursday evening. Besides it’s time that we support the small and local businesses right here in Brooklyn, instead of putting our money in the g-strings of big chain retailers. Various small shops in Brooklyn, like Milly and Earl will be offering a 10% discount for those who shop small this Saturday.
various stores

Aerobic Dance-A-Thon Fundraiser: “Come Burn Those Calories Off”
We’re not going to judge you for stuffing your face and loosening your belt this Thursday, but if you wanted to earn some self-respect this weekend maybe consider donating and participating in the aerobic danceathon hosted by Mona Liza Studios this Saturday. All proceeds from the event will go to Homes For Our Troops.
11/28 at Mona Liza Studios on 23 Meadow Street, East Williamsburg

Volunteer or Donate to Charity
Nothing says your thankful than helping others less fortunate than you this holiday season, granted you should always be thoughtful to your fellow man all yearlong, and not just one in the year. Nonetheless, making a donation, monetary or donating food and clothing at a local shelter, delivering meals or working in a soup kitchen is a great service to provide this Thanksgiving.
various locations



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