The Best Friendsgiving Feast and Late-Night Turkey Sandwiches Are in Bushwick

Feast here on Thursday with friends. (via Lorenzo's Instagram)
Feast here on Thursday with friends. (via Lorenzo’s Instagram)

Until I learned about the most remarkably sumptuous and inexpensive Thanksgiving feast that Lorenzo’s, like goddamn champions, will serve on Thursday—followed by late-night turkey sandwiches that will be made available to you, like a holiday dream, until 3am—I was happy to go home for Thanksgiving. But now that I’ve learned about this mouth-watering repast, and salivated over that which I have not tasted, suddenly, I am filled with regret over the best Friendsgiving banquet that I will not have the opportunity to inhale.

But you, previously sad person who could not go home to California to eat Turkey, you should turn that frown upside down, gather your favorite holiday friends, and learn about the three-course prix-fixe menu that Thanksgiving fantasies are made of, and that you will now be gluttonously scarfing down, IRL, for only $25 at Lorenzos.

Your feast will start off deceptively light: Jicama and Apple salad for the table, which you will munch as you get all small talk out of the way. Next, Lorenzo’s will trick you by making you believe they are serving standard Brooklyn Brussels Sprouts; instead they’ll change up that old sprouts game with the addition of panela, manzano chili, and lime, again, to share.

Which is fine, but next you will selfishly take down the following: a gigantic plate of rotisserie chicken (because fuck turkey), dark meat croquettes with smokey gravy, a stuffin’ muffin, sweet potatoes with sage, and, last but absolutely not least, cranberry sauce. Stuffed? Work through it! You’ve got pie coming, the pumpkin kind; and after you’ve worked your way through that, you will wash it all down with a fantastic, piping hot boozy beverage.

Email Lorenzo’s immediately, says General Manager Andrew Halden, and reserve your spot. Actually, don’t flip out that much about it because Lorenzo’s is so easy-breezy real, that they will also welcome the lazies, equally, the day of. And if you still can’t manage to make it there between the hours of 5:30pm and 11:30pm because you’re home drinking wine and crying like a ninny, then, remember: You have until 3:30am to go fetch the best late-night turkey sandwich snack of your life.

Friendsgiving in Bushwick, everyone. Go eat it. And, as General Manager Andrew Halden once (just now) wrote to me, “Cheers, me dears.”

For your reservation, email Lorenzo’s; or, be lazy and show up the day of at 19 Wyckoff Avenue, between 5:30 – 11:30pm; $25. Turkey sandwiches till the wee hour of the night, 3:30am; $10. 


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