Watch Adele Perform “When We Were Young” Live At Church Studios

Adele When We Were YoungNo, Adele’s new song isn’t a cover of my favorite song track off Sam’s Town. Nope, that’s “When You Were Young,” and her second single off 25 is called “When We Were Young.” It’s a — wait for it — heartbreaking ballad about running into someone you used to love and discovering you still have feelings for them. Sorry, but it is nowhere near the realm of “Hello,” which is weird because Tobias Jesso Jr. co-wrote it and his debut album Goon is fucking gorgeous. The narrative here just isn’t very logical, they ran into each other and a party and he maybe moved overseas? But now she’s taking his photograph in case she doesn’t seem him again? Can’t they just text on her flip phone? I guess international charges might apply if he really did move. Anyway, it’s still fun to watch Adele and all her people getting ready and performing it live at Church Studios, where she recorded most of her new album. My favorite part is when Adele stops singing but kind of lip syncs along with the choir who are providing a huge swathes of harmonies behind her (~3:40). Watch below.

25 is out 11/20, out this Friday via XL Recordings/Columbia.

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