Breaking: Roberta’s Continues to Make Pizza Lovers Totally Lose Their Shit

A form of delicious pizza that you could acquire almost anywhere.

There comes a point in the hype surrounding anything when one has to ask: how much more nuts can people continue to go over the same thing?

The answer is: very much more. At least this is true when it pertains to Roberta’s Pizza.

Last Friday, Roberta’s took over the pop-up space at Humboldt & Jackson in Williamsburg and, as Gothamist reports, every single pie—150 of them—that the Bushwick pizza maker planned for the pop-up debut were sold out by 6:30pm.  

To be fair, at this  pop up Roberta’s is offering something slightly different than their standard round Neapolitan pies—these pies are rectangularIn pizza parlance, that’s Detroit-style crust. So, maybe it is worth it to travel to yet another corner of Brooklyn to eat dinner way too early to get your hands on the same ingredients that Roberta’s normally serves but in a different shape. As far as we’re concerned, other parts of Brooklyn are serving equalling delicious baked-dough bases with cheese on top, and you can even procure those pies more than three hours after you’ve eaten lunch.

But if you must, you can get your hands on Roberta’s pies that have 90 degree corners at Humboldt & Jackson, 434 Humboldt Street, through November 15.


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