Pizza, Pizza: Can There Ever Be Such a Thing as Too Much Pizza?

Prepare to eat still more pizza.
Prepare to eat still more pizza

Is there such a thing as too much pizza? We certainly don’t think so, but with the addition of two new pie shops in Propsect-Lefferts Gardens, we will soon find out.

ZuriLee Pizza Bar, from the owners of Caribbean joint MangoSeed next-door, opened last Wednesday and, just a couple blocks north on Flatbush Avenue, Parkside is getting to ready open full-time after a soft opening last Saturday, according to DNAinfo.

We’re especially amped to sink our teeth into the pies at Parkside, which is the project of a chef who cut his teeth at the celestially delicious Franny’s. We can only imagine that the slices at Parkside will not be falling far from Franny’s original pizza tree.

And, added incentive to head to Flatbush for your next Tour de ‘Za, the quality (what with the use of local ingredients and wood-burning stoves) is bound to be satisfactory, but you’ll also spend a little less for the pleasure of it, between $10 and $15 at Parkside, than you would at other places offering similar pizzas, like Franny’s, where many selections go for $20 a pie.

Still you might ask: Doesn’t Brooklyn have enough pizza? I once worked at a place that served Roberta’s for a while–so, good stuff–and ate pizza for dinner for four weeks straight. I thought I might never want more wood-fired pizza no matter how mouth-watering for the rest of time. But now I can tell you that that has not turned out to be true. I still want it. So, I’ll answer for you: No, no you cannot ever eat enough delicious pizza. Head to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens for your next chow down.

ZuriLee Pizza Bar, 755 Flatbush Avenue and Parkside, 705 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Lefferts Gardens


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