For the Low, Low Price of $1950 a Month, You Can Live with 18 Roommates in Crown Heights

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If there’s one thing you can safely assume when it comes to, oh, just about anyone in Brooklyn, it’s that they’re probably looking for a new place to live. Oh, sure, some people are settled in and have found that most elusive of Brooklyn creatures—the spacious, fairly priced, well-located home. But for most of us, we’re constantly on the hunt, even when we’re not, like, really on the hunt. All of which is to say, who doesn’t love a good real estate tip? Well, have we got one for you! For just under $2,000/month, you could rent a single bedroom in a home with 18 other people in Crown Heights. Get excited, Brooklyn: This is your new real estate reality.

Via DNAinfo, we learned yesterday about this latest news in the whole communal living “trend” that’s apparently the newest thing among Millennials. So, yeah, we learned about it yesterday, but it’s taken us a little while to fully process what it means that there is now a start-up promoting a communal living space in Crown Heights which offers bedrooms available for rent at a price of $1850-1900/month. We’re still not sure we’re there yet, to be honest.

Basically, this building, located at 1162 Pacific Street between Franklin and Bergen, (across the street from, DNAinfo points out, a homeless shelter) comprises over 7,000-square-feet and is fully outfitted with “a private rooftop garden, weekly cleaning service, high-speed Wi-Fi (duh) and a lot of exposed brick.” Housekeeping and utilities are included with your monthly rent—as are 18 roommates AKA your new best friends! Because, really, that’s the idea behind this common living space, to buy build new friendships and strengthen community bonds.

Does this sound good to you? Or like hell has literally ascended and taken up residence in central Brooklyn? We’re pretty strongly in the latter camp, but if you really, really want to spend two grand a month to live with a kindergarten class-size group of people, act fast—at least 300 people have already submitted applications for the 19 spots.


  1. Isn’t the point of having roommates to lower your overall cost of living? How is paying $1850 to $1900 a deal when you have 18 roommates? Is there only one kitchen? How many people share a bathroom? I can only guess that someone (the landlord/the developer) is cleaning up with the roughly $36,000 per month in income that they are receiving.

  2. yea well, I live down the st from this building and I pay $1900 for a one bedroom apt with my girl friend. although I’ve been in my apt for 6 years, long before the boom. I’m on the verge of being priced out at that price, still. couldn’t imagine living with 18 ppl for that price.

  3. I live next door to this building. It was abandoned then caught on fire out of nowhere. we got smoke damage from this “freak” fire. Now it’s this. I can’t wait to see the wonderful people something like this attracts. GET OFF MY LAWN


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