This Summer Has Been One of the Safest on Record in New York


Even though public opinion surrounding the mayor is continuously waning, and the general outlook regarding the quality of life here in New York is constantly dwindling, turns out not everything is bad: New York City is really, really safe.

From the Wall Street Journal comes a report that confirms this summer has been one of the safest since the NYPD started keeping detailed records on violent crime decades ago. And it’s obviously good news. The Journal reports that 82 homicides and 345 shootings occurred throughout the five boroughs during the first eight months of this year and that major felony crimes have fallen by four percent since 2014. The NYPD did record that homicide and rape are slightly on the rise from last year, totaling 5 and 6 percent increases, respectively.

This has all happened as the mayor gradually reigned in police tactics like stop and frisk, which disproportionately targeted people of color in poor neighborhoods. Nonetheless, debates concerning citywide policing continue to flare up between mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who seem to disagree on virtually everything. 


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