New York City Is a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Place, and People Don’t Like it Very Much

Photo: Greg Jaden/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo: Greg Jaden/Flickr Creative Commons

New York might still be the home to idealized romances—and $30 hot dog heroes—but apparently most people who live here think quality of life is lacking quite a bit. A Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday found that even though NYC is still a “concrete jungle that dreams are made of,” only 33 percent of city inhabitants think that quality of life here is “good” or “very good.” This is the lowest level of satisfaction New Yorkers have reported when asked about quality of life by the poll since 1997, the year the survey first started asking the question, reports the New York Daily News

These numbers aren’t helping the mayor (who’s reportedly enraging the city’s finicky white people), as de Blasio’s approval ratings stand at just a measly 44 percent, as per another Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday. This is all compounded by the fact that the majority of New Yorkers think that the city is unsafe –46 percent agree that crime is a “very serious” problem — even though crime levels are currently enjoying historic lows.

Some of the more alarming stats compiled in the survey speak to the arrest and crime categories. Apparently, a majority of respondents think that making arrests for quality of life offenses, or offenses for minor infractions like graffiti and loitering are a good thing.

From the poll:

New York City voters support 58 – 37 percent having police issue summonses or make arrests for so-called quality of life offenses. Support is 65 – 27 percent among white voters, 52 – 43 percent among black voters and 61 – 37 percent among Hispanic voters.

But there’s some hope on the horizon! The Daily News notes that a pretty overwhelming majority of New Yorkers supports a $15/hr minimum wage, which when you think about it, might drastically improve this dire state of living we all seem to be experiencing.

Let’s hope public opinion pulls through on that one.

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