Get in Touch With Your Feelings at the Brooklyn Flea This Sunday


Summer is a season of heightened emotion. Camp crush pining, heat-induced lethargy, hotheaded anger, a permeating sense of wistfulness — all intensified by the thick air and sweltering temperatures. You need to get those feelings out before they boil over.

Well, then. Join us at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday for this week’s free show with The Hotelier, Bent Shapes and Japanese Breakfast, and your heart will be bursting all over the place.

Take, for instance, a sample of lyrics:

“I called in sick from your funeral” — The Hotelier (the only line from their entire catalog that’s delivery does not call for ALL CAPS)

“I’m not saying you need some deep-seated hatred of self/But it helps — Bent Shapes (sang as though they’re River Cuomo’s younger siblings)

“Don’t you think/You should try to do as little harm as you can to the woman that loves you?” — Japanese Breakfast (channeling Purity Ring)

We rest our case. Gates to the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg (50 Kent Ave & North 12th St) will open at 10am, per usual, with Japanese Breakfast on at 3pm, Bent Shapes at 3:45pm, and The Hotelier at 4:45pm. You’ll want to RSVP here  — in case you’re just joining us, the show is totally free. While you’re at it, get yourself set for Brooklyn Live’s next show by RSVPing to Mas Ysa, Young Ejecta and Ace Mo on August 30. See on you Sunday; we’ll be the ones simultaneously weeping and screaming.

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