A Cat Circus Is Heading To Bushwick Next Week

Samantha Martin and one of her high-flying cats. Photo: Circuscats.com
Samantha Martin and one of her high-flying cats. Photo: Circuscats.com

Since cats are the most undeniable trope in the history of the internet, you’ll probably be delighted to hear that the Amazing Acro-Cats–a dazzling brigade of fourteen performative felines, will be putting on a show at the Muse Brooklyn from July 16-19. You can expect pretty kitties jumping through hula-hoops, and some other daredevil-esque shenanigans in this full-on cat circus. 

The Acro-Cats are led by Samantha Martin, who by all accounts is a bonafide cat-woman. According to the troupe’s website, Martin has had a “lifetime fascination and truly unique bond with animals,” that’s  “inspired her extensive background, [which] includ[es] an associate degree in animal husbandry.”

And from what we can tell, Martin leads a pretty vibrant show. She told the New York Times that the cats close out each performance as six-piece band, banging on drums and letting it all hang loose as part of an “improvisational” jam-session.

We’re sure the kitty-cats play something glamorous, except for when their paws get in the way of plucking guitar strings, for example.

The Acro-Cats have appeared on various morning shows, lighting up crowds and cooing cat-lovers in places like Memphis and on the Steve Harvey Show. This forthcoming stint in Bushwick should be no different. But if you can’t wait until next week, here’s a video of the Acro-Cats in top form, just to whet your appetite:



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