Don’t Pee Between Subway Cars


Just yesterday—yesterday, people—we reminded you not to walk between the subway cars. Yes, your car may smell bad and/or have a lunatic in it, but it’s usually worth it to breath into your shirt and wait until the next stop. Because, like this poor woman, you could end up falling between the cars and getting crushed by the speeding train. Or you could be someone who dies because they tried to take a quick leak between cars, like this Brooklyn man on the 6 train.

The New York Post reports that a 63-year-old dude boarded the train at 6:50 a.m. on March 8, and tried to pee between the cars. Except the train turned, the man hit his head on the door handles, and died. His body was lying between the two cars until the end of the line at the Pelham Bay Park Stop. Walking between the cars = not worth it.


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