Inside the Artist’s Studio: Visiting the Workspaces of 5 Brooklyn Artists


At a time when Brooklyn has become a difficult place to live for people of just about every income, it can be hard to believe that there is much—if any—room for artists to continue to carve out a space for themselves to live and work. And yet, live and work here they do. Their studios might be spaces in former factories in Williamsburg in which they’ve lived for decades. Or they might work in a mammoth, repurposed Army Terminal on the fringes of Sunset Park, in a small cubby of a space with just enough room for their canvases and supplies. But no matter where they are—in Brooklyn, in their careers, in life in general—one thing is clear: The vitality that our creative class provides is something that should be appreciated and supported, so that not only will more artists continue to come to work and live, but those who are here will be able to stay and continue to keep Brooklyn the vibrant, creative place it has long been.







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