Bushwick Will Be the Main Character In a Disaster Movie Called… Bushwick

Scary, no?
Scary, no?

Brooklyn is obviously a haven for filmmakers now; I mean, who hasn’t had to wend their way through a movie set and stared enviously at a craft services table while you make your way home to a dinner of lentil soup or what have you? But, you know, the thing with many of the films and even most of the TV shows shot here is that they might be in Brooklyn, but don’t feel of it, you know? (Other than Broad City, which isn’t actually specific to Brooklyn at all, since much of it takes place in Manhattan and Queens, but whatever.) Anyway, that might all change because there’s a new action thriller that’s been green-lighted simply called: Bushwick.

Via Gothamist, we learned about Bushwick the Movie: Electric Boogaloo (not its real title), and are pretty convinced that this will be the most true-to-Brooklyn-life movie since Do the Right Thing. Why? Well, because rather than paint Bushwick as some hipster paradise, this film is a straight-up disaster movie which features a 21-year-old lead character who, upon emerging from the subway, discovers “her neighborhood [is] under attack.” And so what does she do? Well, naturally, she “decides to cross the treacherous five blocks of Bushwick—littered with looters, local militias, the invading forces, and one crazy cousin—in order to get home and be reunited with her grandmother.” What could be more true to life? A crazy cousin! Local militias! Looters! This is going to be great. There is literally no way that this movie will get anything about life in Brooklyn wrong—in fact, even the things it gets wrong, it will probably be getting right. Ah. Finally something to be excited about in this crazy world. Finally.

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