Boobs of Bushwick Is Having A Big Ol’ Photo Party

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Remember Boobs of Bushwick? It’s the Tumblr that, as it sounds like, celebrates the residents of the neighborhood in all their topless glory, both men and women. (Our own Rebecca Jennings wrote it up last year as “surprisingly endearing”: ” It’s refreshing to see such joyful displays of nudity…too many of the boobs we see online and on TV exist for pure titillation.”) If you’re intrigued and want to make an appearance on that NSFW Tumblr, now’s your chance: blog founder Kate Chiplinsky is throwing a party at The Rookery on Tuesday with a photobooth and professional photographers in attendance to snap you shirtless, should you desire.

Chiplinsky began taking photos in local bars a couple years ago, and, according to DNA Info, found that after the blog got some attention she was flooded with requests to appear on her blog. “People just think it’s funny,” she said. “It’s just a light-hearted thing.”

So if that’s been your lifelong dream, get yourself to The Rookery at 425 Troutman on March 3. There’ll be drink specials and a DJ and, probably, boobs. “It’s not a topless party,” Chiplinsky told the site. “But it will definitely be more than likely that some boobs will be out, if not wandering about then maybe for a fleeting moment.”



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