Boobs of Bushwick is a Real, Surprisingly Not Creepy Thing on the Internet

boobs of bushwick

Today in surprisingly endearing nudity: ‘Boobs of Bushwick’ made its way up the ranks of Reddit yesterday, and it is not as NSFW as you might think. (Except, definitely don’t open it up at work!)

The blog features many local men and women bearing it all for the camera (or more likely, the iPhone), mostly at low-lit bars or parties and with obscured faces. The photos are spontaneous in that special I’m-sorta-tipsy-WE’RE-ALL-HUMAN! kind of way.

But really, it’s refreshing to see such joyful displays of nudity. Call it the anti–Terry Richardson, who has that heavy flash, creepy “Uncle” factor that somehow make even fully clothed models look sleazy. Too many of the boobs we see online and on TV exist for pure titilation, which artists like Lena Dunham and—to use a less belabored example—Sky Ferreira have tried to challenge.

And this is the point where I’m going to go ahead and assume that the photos (and the subsequent posting of them online) were consensual. A few Redditors claim to know the owner of the site—“mad cool” and “fun lady” were among the terms used to describe her, so we’ll go ahead and give the benefit of the doubt.

We won’t be totally satisfied, though, until some brave soul steps up and create all of these Redditor–suggested Tumblrs: Cocks of Carroll Gardens, Beaves of Bedstuy, Babes of Bensonhurst, Cleavage of Canarsie, Rods of Red Hook, Boners of Bay Ridge. And while we’re at it, a few of our own: Pubes of Park Slope, Gonads of Gowanus, Willies of Williamsburg, Décolletages of Dumbo (because Dumbo is fancy, see.) Did we miss a good one? Leave it in the comments.



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