You Can Own A Cronut Necklace Now

via Virgin Mega
via Virgin Mega

If you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for the person who has everything and/or is deeply obsessed with trendy pastries, then this may have just the thing. Virgin Mega has teamed up with pastry king Dominique Ansel to develop a Cronut necklace, designed by Gabriel Urist. It’s a tube with little brass flakes that are actually cast from Cronut pastries, “a lifelong memento of the ephemeral ecstasy that comes from eating a cherry blossom ganache with sour cherry jam and citrus sugar Cronut™ without standing in line,” the company says. Which, I guess? Mostly it looks like a lifelong reminder that you blew $100 on some croissant donuts and metal shard replica of same. But we’re not going to yuck your yum, here.

The real appeal of the #CronutisForever package (Yes, that’s what it’s called. Yes, there’s a hashtag) is that is comes with two cronuts that, yes, you don’t have to stand in line for. They are “his-and-hers” Cherry-Cherry flavored. If this floats your boat, you can buy one of the 100 available sets starting at 3 pm tomorrow.


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