Oh God, Not Another Condom On A Subway Pole

(Malek Bsat/Gothamist)
(Malek Bsat/Gothamist)

Remember last year, when some disgusting lunatic or expert troller tied a used condom to the pole of an F train? We’ll he/she/it/they are baaaaack and here to make your commute even squickier. You guys, winter is already not cute enough on the subway without having to worry about detritus from your weird public transportation-fueled late night romp.

Some copycat condom-bomber (or who knows, maybe the same one) left that delightful treat on the N train, where a tipster discovered it and snapped it for Gothamist. “Five seconds into the ride I find this confom next to my face,” tipster Malek Bsat told the site. “It was empty but it had pubic hair (not visible in the photo) on it so not sure if it was used or not.” Wow. Gross. This goes for always and not just during times when condom-related pranks are rampant, but guys, be careful what you touch in the subway system.



  1. If God.
    praised be her name,
    wanted condom-free subway poles,
    she would have made damn sure
    that subway poles would be condom-free.


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