Oh, Look. Someone Tied a Used Condom On an F Train Pole.


Because we haven’t brought you any gross subway-related news in a while, we hesitated before sharing this bit of information with you today. After all, it’s Friday! We’ve almost made it through the whole work week. Why spoil it with photographic evidence of how disgusting some people are and how verifiably germ-ridden those subway poles really are? Why?? Well, because that’s our job. To share things with you. Not just for your edification, no, but also so that we don’t have to be alone in knowing just how depraved humanity really is.

Via New York magazine’s Daily Intel, we learned that a used condom was left tied up in a very conspicuous place on the F train this morning. Daily Intel reports that Ryan Quinn boarded a Manhattan-bound F at the Fort Hamilton Parkway stop (and we’re not saying that this is our stop, but THIS IS OUR STOP; fuck) and then snapped a photo (below) of what he found. And what was it? Oh, just a used, full condom tied at eye-level on the very same pole that we grab onto for support almost every day. Awesome.

Quinn tweeted the image to Gothamist and said, “I moved my hand on the pole to slide down a little and did a double take, because I realized, ‘That’s a fucking condom.’ Just hanging there, tied like a balloon. It was eye-level, it was disgusting.”

Which, yes, Ryan. It is disgusting. We’d like to be big enough people to congratulate the condom user on at least practicing safe sex and sparing the world the birth of one of his undoubtedly similarly disgusting offspring, but we’re too busy ordering vats of hand sanitizer right now. Happy Friday!

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