Celebrate National Pie Day with Pie and Beer at Bitter and Esters’ Beer and Pie Tasting

Making beer at Bitter and Ester's photo c/o Bitter and Ester's
Making beer at Bitter and Ester’s
photo c/o Bitter and Ester’s

So, you know, not only is it Friday, but it’s also National Pie Day. Oh, you knew that already? Good for you. You’re so on top of things. Congrats. But maybe you haven’t made any plans for the big event? Well, if that’s the case, then never fear! We’ve got you covered so that you can celebrate National Pie Day with pie, yes, but also with beer. (Today is NOT a day for the gluten-averse—not at all.)

Prospect Heights brew shop Bitters and Esters is offering a night of homemade pie and home brew at its Washington Avenue location for only $10 a ticket. What you’ll get is a taste of a wide variety of pies (25 have been donated by volunteers) and homemade beer (there will be 10 different types to sample), plus the knowledge that you’ll be eating and drinking for a good cause: “All proceeds raised will be split between Charlie’s favorite charity, the Bixby School in Boulder Colorado and Breast Cancer research.” So if you like sweet things and good causes, buy your ticket now. And then prepare to stay home all weekend because SNOW!

Buy tickets here for tonight’s event.

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