Tomorrow’s Weather Is Officially Going To Suck


Remember that Nor’easter we were telling you about the other day? Maybe you thought we were being hyperbolic about getting all you boxed wine necessary to hole up for 24 to 48 hours, but no. This storm has a name and a plan: Winter Storm Iola is comin’ atcha with a mixture of freezing rain, snow, and sleet starting tonight and moving into a marathon of ickiness all day on Saturday, to deliver three to six inches of snow. Per the Daily News, that will make Iola the source of 2015’s “first significant snow” and that the consistency of the snow will be “wet, heavy, and tough on backs to shovel.” warns that the storm will “rapidly intensify” and “make a mess out of some bigger cities.” It’s not going to be a crippling snowstorm in terms of transportation, but it will definitely make being outside really, really unpleasant. Start developing your portmanteaus for snow-rain-sleet now. Our favorite is Rainoweet.

But consider this: Last year by this time, New York City had already seen 26 inches of snow. We’ve only had 3.2 inches in 2015 thus far. So I guess maybe we can let Iola have this one, as long as he/she/it promises to clear out of New York City by brunch time on Sunday. Tomorrow can just be a day for movies, fireplace bars, boardgames, and soup.


  1. Snow sucks?
    My, my, my, aren’t WE grumpy today!
    Where oh where, is that little boy or girl, deep within you?
    That innocent child, the one with his nose pressed hard,
    against the frozen window pane?
    Where is that urban urchin,
    gazing with eyes wide open in wonder and awe,
    at the miracle of a New York City snowfall?
    Every graceful, amazing, snowflake — unique and different!
    The City transformed, as if by magic,
    into a sparkling winter wonderland!
    Dancing, twirling snowflakes filling the sky,
    joining their tiny white-gloved hands,
    as they gently cover us,
    in a glistening white blanket.
    Oh joy! 🙂


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