Arctic Blast Hits Tomorrow To Turn New York Into Thankless Hellscape


Remember that horrible-sounding ‘arctic’ blast of very cold air that we talked about last week? You know, the one charging down from the North to slash temperatures by 20 or 30 degrees, the one that is about to turn this lovely mild November into the forbidding landscape of mid-January, all radiator-dehydrated cabin fever-infected apartment dwellers and air so freezing that it hurts your face to go outside and DEAR GOD WHEN WILL IT BE APRIL AGAIN? That one? Well, buckle up folks, because it’s due to arrive tomorrow.

Yes, pals, enjoy the sweet, gentle, 65 degree weather today, because tomorrow the arctic blast-polar vortex-stealth maelstrom of misery hits. And bitter cold has brought one of its favorite buddies: a snow storm. According to Accuweather, the oracle and repository of all our hopes, high temperatures will sort of brush the 40s starting on Friday, and then a big sloppy storm is due to move in during the weekend. That miiiiiiiiiight translate to our first snow of the year, or it may just dump a lot of “freezing rain” on our fair city. Either way, really, go outside today and twirl around. You’ll be glad you did when this weekend’s activities become limited to 1) Netflix and 2) shaking your fist at the sky and cursing.


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