An ‘Arctic Blast’ Will Hit New York Next Week


You remember last winter, when layers of dirty snow clung to the side walk in disgusting grimy crusts and it hurt your face to go outside? Oh yes, don’t let the intermittent summer of mild summer weather fool you. Winter is on its way back and it’s going to be gnarly. Case in point: A pocket of very, very cold air that’s set to hit New York in an “arctic blast” next week.

Like a guest who will just not take your hint about finding a hotel, the dread polar vortex of last year is due to set up shop once again next week. According to the all-seeing eye that is Accuweather, the vortex is heading on down to our corner of the world starting late next week. What does it all mean? “In New York City, it is possible temperatures may not get out of the 30s on one or more days from late next week into next weekend,” sayeth the Accuweather. Oh, great. And it’s only November? Yeah, sounds like February is going to fun.

So enjoy this weekend’s relatively warm days while you still can. Soon, leaving your house is going to suck.


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