Cobble Hill Rejects Development for Being ‘Too Glassy’


Nice try, real estate muckity-mucks, but the Cobble Hill-based Community Board 6 is not into your new proposed development. Why? Too many windows. Try again.

A planned four-story building on Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street, the one that will soon occupy the former Shell station, was seeking approval from the community board’s landmarks committee board. The building features a red brick exterior with black metal details. It’s your pretty standrad East Village outcropping kind of building. But the abundance of windows stymied developers’ hopes, DNA Info reports.  “It looks like it landed from some other place,” board member Roy Sloane commented.

The windows, the board members agreed, made the building incongruous with the rest of the neighborhood. But in these days, the richer you are, the more windows you want, so that the people walking on the sidewalks can stare into the depths of your immaculately curated, $1.2 million studio and sigh enviously. Clash! The plans will go up in front of the Landmarks Preservation Committee in the middle of next month to determine, once and for all, how much glass is too much glass.


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