See Eyewear Opens Up In Cobble Hill


Up until fairly recently, if you asked most people in Brooklyn on where to go to get affordable eyewear, the answer would be immediate and virtually unanimous: Warby Parker, full stop. And while we are fans of Warby Parker’s product, it’s always a little worrisome when there’s only one response to a question like that. And not just because of the intimations of an affordable eyewear monopoly (not at all because of that actually), but rather it’s because eyewear is one of the most noticed and impactful accessories that a person can wear, and so we don’t want to wear what everyone else is wearing; we want to be different. But we also don’t want to spend a lot of money. So what are we to do?

Well, the addition of See Eyewear on Smith Street is the first step in ridding ourselves of our prior well-priced eyewear-shackles. This is the shop’s first Brooklyn location and it offers a wide variety of frames (including ones with woodgrain) all of which are made in limited editions that range between 100-500 pieces total, spread across the 33 See national stores. So basically, a certain kind of eyewear exclusivity is pretty much a given, as is a fair price (glasses all range between $99-$299). This store has also done things in the past like contributing a portion of sales to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and offering huge discounts on back-to-school kids’ eye exams (there’s an eye doctor in-store twice a week), so check out the website to see what’s going on there in the future—chances are, you’ll see something you like.

160 Smith Street, Cobble Hill


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