Brooklyn Bridge Now Covered in Trash Instead of Love Locks

brooklyn bridge trash

Remember when the Department of Transportation said visitors should stop leaving locks on the Brooklyn Bridge? Then people started putting locks on the Manhattan Bridge? Well locks are out, and trash is in! Tourists are now leaving straight-up trash—condoms, tampons, headphones, underwear, empty plastic bags—what is or was a beautiful landmark.

We get it, New York’s no Paris, but we have charms of our own—charms that do not include trash. I mean, the trash is definitely there, and actually kind of a weirdly precise delineator of neighborhood boundaries if you pay attention, but it’s not what New York is known for. (We hope?)

What New York is known for, and one thing that might explain the décor, is a particular “Fuck You” spirit in the face of regulations (and traffic, and slow walkers, and lines, and subways, and everything else, really). While we appreciate the sentiment—even from tourists—it’s super gross.

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