Stop Putting Locks On The Brooklyn Bridge, It’s Ruining It

Image: NY Daily News

What is this, Paris? No, it isn’t. Apparently, that place is the worst. Or maybe, it’s the best. We don’t know. We just know it’s not Brooklyn, and that’s why the city is insisting that folks stop putting gym locks on the Brooklyn Bridge to symbolize the unshakeable foundation of their love. It’s ruining the bridge.

According to the Daily News, the Transportation Department, a.k.a. the office that takes care of our various bridges, really needs people to stop it with the love symbols because they’ve had to remove some 5,600 locks from the Brooklyn Bridge–since July. And every time they have to remove those locks, it costs the city a whole lot of money we don’t have. We’re literally suing the super-broke Citi Bike right now. We’re that hard up for cash.

So, tourists, we love you (kind of). You help drive our economy! But please, that bridge is 131 years old. It was around way before your relationship and will be around long after you’ve broken up or gotten married, had kids and then, you know, passed. So, just stop it. Please, leave our beautiful landmark alone.

Alternatively, we know of this really under-the-radar bridge. It’s called the Verrazano and it’s a real sight to behold. Go check it out!

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