And the Award for Best New Brooklyn Bakery Goes To… Nine Chains


FILLING A CONSIDERABLE HOLE in the neighborhood’s small but increasingly lively food scene, the aromatic offerings at Nine Chains extend far beyond puffy loaves of white, lanky baguettes and rosemary-studded wheels of focaccia. Staying true to the sustainable ethic espoused at their nearby restaurant, Farm on Adderley,chef Tom Kearney sources heritage grains from the Finger Lakes region, and uses natural leaven for his long fermented baked goods, including the chia and flax seed-flecked Whiskey Ball, the chewy Sour Diesel, and the craveable Chocolate Brioche.
Not that wheat free-ers are entirely out of luck; Nine Chains continues to experiment with alternative options, like sprouted lentils and spirulina, and it’s hardly a cop-out to order salad, such as farro with ricotta salata and kale. But unapologetic carb-loaders like us are happy to revel in the incomparable glories of gluten, with wedges of Roman Apple Cake, baskets full of Pulled Milk Rolls, and Acapulco Red sandwiches—fatty corned beef brisket on stretchy slices of musky Country Boule.

1111 Church Avenue, Ditmas Park


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