Plot Twist: G Train Shutdown May Actually Be An Upgrade

Plot Twist: G Train Shutdown May Actually Be An Upgrade
Practically first class. (Photo via Cityphile)

People have a lot of opinions on how to make the oft-maligned G train better (Just add more cars! Make it run on an entirely different course because its current track makes no fucking sense! Change its hideous pea green color to something less aesthetically disturbing!) but one that hasn’t been considered as much is this: Get rid of the G train entirely. In a Dickensian plot twist, according to some Greenpointers and LIC residents, the free shuttle bus that has replaced subway service from Nassau Ave to Court Sq for the past four weeks is a superior alternative to the Green Ghost, a nickname for the G train that we have just invented.

“It’s faster,” 22-year-old George Huarotte told DNAinfo, “I prefer the shuttle.” Adds 25-year-old Tiffany Elisca: “The shuttle is always there. And it’s free.” Which makes sense, of course—the shuttle buses run about every two to five minutes, while the G runs every eight to ten (to a zillion) minutes. And though they’re faster, they’re also “extremely expensive,” according to the MTA, which means that spoiled Greenpointers will just have to suck it up come September 2, when the G train returns its normal service.

Praise for the shuttle buses is nothing new, too: Ever since their arrival in July, people have come to realize what an unexpected (and perhaps, unintended?) improvement they are:

But amidst the chorus of praise for these glamorous vehicular luxury boxes, according to some, the bus drivers aren’t exactly, well, good at driving:

Win some, lose some?

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  1. Please, leave the G train along!!!!
    I understand that shatle is a good alternative for somebody but for somebody who lives in Bay ridge for example (like me) it’s a wonderful alternative to get to Williamsburg. Before that I had to go to USQ to take L, but now I change it on 4ave and 9st… G had stiped to be a”host” train for me since I got that alternative!


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