Here Is How To Fix The G Train


  • Photo via Station Reporter

Really, that’s not a mis-directing, traffic-baiting headline. There are actually some new, concrete ideas on the table for how to fix the G train, courtesy of that review the MTA promised a little while back.

According to Brokelyn, State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Milave-Dilan sent out a press release today with the study’s findings, and the results are pretty common sense, at least if you’ve been on the G much at all over the past five years or so.

Namely, running the trains more often (to the tune of a 25 percent service increase between 3pm and 9pm), running the trains in intervals, actually marking the places on the platform where the oddly short train cars will pull up (and re-arranging benches accordingly), adding PA systems in the stations for service updates, and keeping all the doors open while the train idles in the Court Square station.

So yeah, pretty common sense for something that took months of research to determine, and there’s no real word on when all (or any) of this will be happening. Still, better than nothing?

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