So, Brooklyn Has An Art CSA

Left to right: Jonathan Hull, Rachel Burgess, Florence Gidez, Jillian Rose, Satoshi Okada and Jane Fine. Image: Brooklyn CSA + D

Brooklyn has CSAs for food. We kind of have a CSA for beer (it’s over in LIC). We’ll soon have a CSA for bread. But, did you know Brooklyn has a CSA for art? Because, it totally exists.

Shares for the 2014 season of the Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design program are on sale now and the idea itself is a pretty cool one. Each summer, patrons purchase $250 half shares or $500 full shares. That money goes to twelve artists handpicked by a jury of experts who then produce enough art to give 3 works to those with half shares and 6 works to those with full shares at a special fall pick up event, Bedford + Bowery reports.

The program began in 2013 as a way to connect burgeoning art lovers to “reasonably priced contemporary art and design works produced by artists and designers,” and so far has proved to be a success, with last year’s shares selling out.

This year, there are a mere 50 shares compared to last year’s 100, so if you’re interested head over to the CSA + D website and give the site a gander. And check out the video below for a breakdown of how the whole process works.

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